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December 15th, 2023
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  • The Financial Shift continues...
    De-dollarization and more banks to fail...
    FDIC Failed Bank List...
    Treasury yields have tumbled, but US debt is still ballooning. Here are 5 charts that show how severe the outlook is.... Despite the recent plunge in US Treasury yields, fiscal problems remain, Apollo's chief economist warned. Trillion-dollar federal deficits will be around "as far as the eye can see," he wrote. Here are five charts that illustrate how severe the US debt outlook is. As The Federal Reserve’s December Meeting Approaches, Here’s What To Expect... The markets expect the U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) to raise rates 0.5 percentage points at its next meeting on Wednesday, December 14 at 2 p.m. ET. That would be a step down from the large 0.75 percentage point increases at recent meetings. The Fed stresses its commitment to fighting inflation, but now rates are increasing closer to where officials want them to be. Rate Hikes A 0.5 percentage point hike would be consistent with recent speeches from Fed officials, including Jerome Powell’s recent appearance at the Brookings Institution. The markets see a slim chance that the Fed decides to make a 0.75 percentage point move. That would be a surprise, given the Fed has suggested it will make smaller moves as peak rates approach, in part as a way to manage the risk of a policy error. HSBC fights cyber threats with quantum methods ... HSBC has piloted the use of quantum key encryption to protect its client’s FX trading data from cyber-threats. For the trial, HSBC’s AI Markets trading terminal used Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) to encrypt and decrypt messages. QKD is a secure communication method that uses cryptographic protocols to create a shared secret code. Five Key Takeaways from the Latest Senate Banking Hearing... Capital standards, privatizing the FDIC, killing cryptocurrency, avoiding 'branch deserts,' and staying out of politics and ‘culture wars' were all on the Senate Banking Committee's agenda when eight big banks hit Capitol Hill. You can probably count on one hand how many times Elizabeth Warren, U.S. senator from Massachusetts, has agreed with Jamie Dimon, chairman and CEO at JPMorgan Chase. During a mid-2021 hearing of the Senate Banking Committee, Warren called Dimon “the star of the overdraft show. Your bank collects more than seven times as much money in overdraft fees per account than your competitors.” After talking over Dimon’s attempts to respond, Warren finally demanded, “Mr. Dimon, will you commit right now to refund the $1.5 billion [in overdraft fees] you took from customers during the pandemic?” The response of the largest U.S. bank was unambiguous: “No.” But during early December 2023 hearings that brought top officials of the eight largest U.S. banks before the committee, Warren was on a different mission. She wants to kill the cryptocurrency business. The Massachusetts senator was hunting for allies. H.R.8950 - Digital Commodities Consumer Protection Act of 2022... To amend the Commodity Exchange Act to provide the Commodity Futures Trading Commission jurisdiction to oversee the spot digital commodity market, and for other purposes. The Twelve Largest U.S. Banks Cease Credit Card Services: What's Happening - hokanews... On December 14, the abrupt decision by the twelve leading banks in the United States to halt their credit card services has sent shockwaves across the financial world. With the decision set to take effect at midnight on that date, both the public and financial stakeholders find themselves in a state of bewilderment: what exactly is unfolding? This move has sparked widespread speculation, particularly due to the lack of detailed explanations from the banks. Among various theories, one prevalent notion circles around the emergence of a new phenomenon in the digital financial sphere: Pi Network. Experts express astonishment, labeling it as a magnitude never seen before. Gold drifts upwards as dollar dips ahead of US inflation print... Gold prices recovered from a three-week low hit the previous session, as a weaker dollar provided support on Tuesday ahead of U.S. inflation data and major central bank policy meetings expected to yield clues on interest rates. Spot gold was up 0.4% at $1,988.69 per ounce, as of 1211 GMT. U.S. gold futures rose 0.5% to $2,004.10. INSTANT POVERTY FOR ALL: Supreme Court decision could impose taxes on PAPER GAINS for all assets... If the Supreme Court sides with the federal government on this, it would allow the federal government to essentially confiscate virtually all assets of the American people, including your stocks, your home, your land, your gold, everything, almost everything. So this case is challenging the constitutionality of a tax law which was part of a law enacted in 2017, under Trump. This law required a one time repatriation on unrealized profits that are held overseas. So if you were an investor in an overseas company, and then that company never paid you profits, but if it reinvested its own dividends, and you maintain your ownership of that company, you were supposed to pay taxes on these unrealized gains, even though you never got paid. So this couple Charles and Kathy Moore, they sue the government after they were billed $14,700 or so as a tax obligation. It's gone to the Supreme Court, the oral arguments have already taken place. That was about a week ago. And the Supreme Court is set to rule on this... many people believe by June 2024. Now, importantly, if the Supreme Court rules that the federal government can tax unrealized gains, that is paper profits, on investments that American citizens hold, then that would be absolutely catastrophic for the American people for their savings, for their assets, for their retirement funds, everything. And here's a quote from Peter Schiff. He tweeted this out, and I think it encapsulates the potential crisis facing us all if the supreme court rules in favor of the federal government, he says: If the supreme court rules in favor of the government and allows it to redefine the income to include any unrealized appreciation in any asset, that it will grant the federal government a new power to nationalize the entire asset stock of the nation. In hyperinflation, the only refuge people have is the ability to hold real assets and never sell them. But if the federal government can claim unrealized inflationary gains as being taxable income, then almost all Americans will be forced to sell their assets just to pay their tax liabilities. You understand what he's saying here. Essentially, if you're holding house or land, or gold or stocks, and the paper value goes up, the government would force you to pay the gains on the paper value in dollars, even though you haven't sold those assets, and you have no cash flow to even pay the gains. So in order to pay the gains, you'd probably have to sell at least part of the assets, and then pay that money to the government. Govt announces new Sovereign Gold Bond issues for December and February. 8 things to know... The union government has announced the issuance of new sovereign gold bonds (Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme 2023-24) in two tranches (December and February). The new SGB Series III subscription period is scheduled for December 18-22 and Series IV is for February 12-16. The sovereign gold bond scheme was launched in November 2015 to reduce the demand for physical gold and shift a part of the domestic savings -- used for the purchase of gold -- into financial savings. BRICS: $2 Billion Copper Trade To Be Paid In Chinese Yuan, Not US Dollar... BRICS member China is convincing African nations to ditch the US dollar and trade in the Chinese Yuan for cross-border transactions. The Bank of China’s office in Zambia is pushing to increase trade in the Chinese Yuan in Southern Africa. Zambia is Africa’s second-largest producer of copper and China is the world’s biggest consumer of copper. Therefore, BRICS member China is looking to capitalize on international copper trade by making Zambia accept the Chinese Yuan and ditch the US dollar. VIDEO Vanguard, Blackrock and hedge funds will be banned from purchasing single family homes - Housing market may tank...... Good News! Democrats want to kick big investors out of the the housing market to improve affordability... Democrats want to ban hedge funds from buying houses in an effort to improve housing affordability. A bill introduced in the Senate would require hedge funds to sell off their single-family homes over the next 10 years. It would also prohibit hedge funds from owning any single-family homes at all. The BOJ Bombshell: 12 U.S. Giants Cut Ties with Credit Card Providers, U.S. Banking Giants Stage Massive Exodus... In a shocking turn of events, twelve of the United States’ most influential banks have delivered a resounding blow to the traditional financial landscape. Effective midnight on Thursday, December 14th, these banking behemoths have formally severed ties with their credit card providers, heralding a seismic shift in the industry. The Exodus Begins: U.S. Banks Bid Farewell to Credit Card Providers. As the clock ticks down to the historic moment, the banking giants have sent formal notices to their credit card partners, announcing the termination of their services. The move, unprecedented in its scale and audacity, raises myriad questions about the future of financial institutions and their relationships with credit providers. 🚨Putin signs the currency PEG agreement tomorrow! (Wednesday) Anytime after the agreement signing, China is likely to turn up the gold price to $2,200 immediately which goes into the weekend, Oil price dramatically drops. Remember fiat vs gold price. Likely on Monday, China raises the gold price to $2,500 and collapses the U.S. fiat dollar oil price to between 40-$50 bbl. The U.S. Treasury bonds are no longer the “global reserve asset” collateral that trades global oil to value America’s debt. There’s your U.S. Treasury bond sovereign debt collapse. By China collapsing the U.S. fiat oil price to 40-$50 bbl. JPMORGAN Jamie Dimon knows what’s coming next week. There’s your true reset. Next weeks FOMC meeting will mean nothing because the U.S. Treasury bond will be no more. Powell won’t need to worry about rates in a non-existing U.S. Treasury bond(s) Everything falls down next week! -Cheers everyone
  • 💥War Moves - Updates (from all sides)... 💥
    Israel Begins Flooding Hamas’ Tunnels in Gaza With Seawater: Report... Israel has started pumping water from the Mediterranean Sea into Hamas’ underground tunnel system in Gaza, The Wall Street Journal reported Monday, citing U.S. officials briefed on the matter. The flooding began sometime last month, according to the Journal. Two U.S. officials confirmed the report to ABC News, but cautioned that only some of the tunnels were being flooded, with the IDF looking to compare the tactic’s effectiveness to other strategies, which have previously included airstrikes and the use of explosives, drones, and robots. Herzi Halevi, the IDF’s chief of staff, said last week that flooding the tunnels was “a good idea, but I won’t comment on its specifics,” according to The Times of Israel. A spokesperson for the Israeli defense minister declined to comment to the Journal on Monday, saying that tunnel operations were classified. NATO Officially Mobilizes for Direct War with Russia... Newly-confident Putin vows 'victory' in Ukraine... Russian President Vladimir Putin pledged "victory" in Ukraine on Thursday as he staged an upbeat press conference a week after announcing plans to stay in the Kremlin until at least 2030. VIDEO The World Economic Forum has predicted their war game scenario “Cyber Polygon” will occur before 2025.... This will most likely occur during the 2024 election year. 'Leave The World Behind’ is a new Netflix special produced by the Obamas about cyber attacks and a “global communications breakdown”. Air Force disciplines 15 service members over Discord leaks... The Air Force has disciplined 15 Air National Guard service members following an investigation that found a “lack of supervision” and failure to report questionable activity that allowed 21-year-old Jack Teixeira to leak U.S. military secrets online earlier this year. In a report released to Congress on Monday, which was launched in April and completed in August, Air Force officials said Teixeira was found to have acted alone in allegedly releasing hundreds of classified documents to the social media platform Discord, with no evidence his superiors were aware of such leaks. But the Air Force Inspector General investigation also found evidence that some members in Teixeira’s unit, reporting chain and leadership “had information about as many as four separate instances of his questionable activity” but failed to take action, according to an eight-page summary of the document first reported by The Washington Post. 12/12/23 Shane Harris on the Washington Post/PBS Frontline Documentary "The Discord Leaks"... Washington Post and PBS FRONTLINE reporter Shane Harris talked about “The Discord Leaks,” a documentary looking at how highly classified Pentagon information was leaked on the gaming and chat platform Discord. Negotiations for Turkey to Approve Sweden’s Bid to NATO Membership Devolve Into Ugly Bargaining – Conflict in Middle East May Further Complicate Things... The long soap opera of Sweden’s accession is ongoing, and in many ways, it has devolved into an unashamed bargain season over Turkey’s defense needs that are currently overlooked by its ‘partners’ in NATO. Many times Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is pictured as ‘blackmailing’ the West, as holding Sweden’s membership ‘hostage’ – but it does seem to be a mutual give-and-take political exercise that – ugly as it is to behold – is not that unusual. Erdogan expects Washington to ‘simultaneously’ approve the sale of F-16 jets to Ankara in exchange for their ratifying Sweden’s stalled bid to join the NATO alliance. Erdogan believes he did his ‘duty’ by referring Sweden’s NATO accession decision to the Turkish parliament, and expects US Congress to similarly approve Turkey’s request to buy billions of dollars worth of F-16 fighters. Humanitarian crisis worsens in Gaza as Israel-Hamas war intensifies... Israel Defense Forces said Tuesday that troops have destroyed a Hamas rocket launch post and a weapons factory in northern Gaza. This comes as Israel's defense minister claimed troops were encircling Hamas' last two strongholds — Jabalya and Shejaiya —in northern Gaza. Chinese-affiliated hacking groups infiltrated critical American infrastructure, including Hawaii water utility and at least one oil and gas pipeline, US officials say... More than two dozen high-value targets have been attacked in the last year alone as China seeks to inflict 'societal chaos' in the event of war Beijing is by-passing hi-tech firewalls by targeting ordinary employees It comes as tensions grow over Taiwan, with targets in Hawaii and Guam at the top of the Chinese hit list 🚩 Whitney Webb on How a Cyberattack Could Help Manufacture Consent for Digital ID... "What this public-private partnership at the WEF is pushing for is for every person's access to the Internet to be tied to a Digital ID...And the goal of that, of course, is if your ID is linked to your Internet access, intelligence agencies know exactly what media you are consuming in terms of what you read and also what you post online. That has been the goal for a very long time. People aren't necessarily going to consent to that unless they are made to believe that anonymity and privacy online are dangerous. So how exactly can you convince people that that needs to happen? Well, you have some sort of event where anonymous hackers do something online that causes major disruption globally, and then the consent can be manufactured through fear and panic, as is often done." H.R.6611 - FISA Reform and Reauthorization Act of 2023 ... To amend the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 to make certain reforms to the authorities under such Act, to reauthorize title VII of such Act, and for other purposes. The Perversion of FISA and FISC... When Congress passed The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978, it sought to provide judicial and congressional oversight of foreign intelligence surveillance activities while maintaining the secrecy necessary to effectively monitor national security threats. In theory, FISA sets out procedures for physical and electronic surveillance and collection of foreign intelligence information. Initially, FISA addressed only electronic surveillance, but was significantly amended to include programs monitoring Internet communications, trap and trace devices, physical searches, and business records. This bill also set-up the United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC). This is a special U.S. Federal court that holds nonpublic sessions to consider issuing search warrants under FISA. Proceedings before the FISC are ex parte. “Ex parte” means that the government is the only party present. So individuals being tried in Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court are not even aware that they are being judged and they have no right to an attorney. This includes US citizens who may have had information gathered up in the FISA net. These are often large data sweeps through their Internet communications monitoring, AI/machine learning - algorithmic searches as well as trap and trace devices. FISA violations occur at a rate of more than 4,000 per year and these illegal data collection practices and warrants must end. Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act is set to expire on December 31, 2023, and there are two competing bills set to re-athuroize FISA and FISC. So there is currently a race in the House to see what committee bill will renew the intelligence community’s favorite policing tool. Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny missing from prison, says his team... Lawyers for Alexey Navalny said Monday they have lost contact with the jailed Russian opposition leader, who was believed to be imprisoned in a penal colony about 150 miles east of Moscow, and his whereabouts are unknown. Navalny was sentenced to 19 years in prison in August, after he was found guilty of creating an extremist community, financing extremist activities and numerous other crimes. He was already serving sentences of 11-and-a-half years in a maximum security facility on fraud and other charges he denies. Supporters of Navalny claim his arrest and incarceration are a politically motivated attempt to stifle his criticism of Russian President Vladimir Putin. WOW — Jim Caviezel joins @GenFlynn to respond to a tweet saying his days are numbered because the CIA will go after him for exposing their alleged pedophile rings.... He says he’s not suicidal and he’s not afraid of anyone — not even the CIA.🔥 NATO member-to-be Sweden and the US sign defense deal... On the brink of joining NATO, Sweden has signed a defense cooperation agreement with Washington that will allow the United States access to all of the military bases across the Scandinavian country, saying the deal would bolster regional security Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes: She is predicting the coming Water Crisis. Just as Fauci and Gates predicted, in 2017, that Trump would face a pandemic. Are they clairvoyant? Or are they planning our future crises.... World Economic Forum "agenda contributor", Mariana Mazzucato: Our attempt to vaccinate the entire planet failed, "climate change" is "too abstract" for people to understand, but the coming water crisis is something that everyone will get on board with.
    Fifth Generation Warfare - PsyOps - A.I.
    Fake babies, real horror: Deepfakes from the Gaza war increase fears about AI’s power to mislead... WASHINGTON (AP) — Among images of the bombed out homes and ravaged streets of Gaza, some stood out for the utter horror: Bloodied, abandoned infants. Viewed millions of times online since the war began, these images are deepfakes created using artificial intelligence. If you look closely you can see clues: fingers that curl oddly, or eyes that shimmer with an unnatural light — all telltale signs of digital deception. The outrage the images were created to provoke, however, is all too real. Ghost in the machine... The "ghost in the machine" is a term originally used to describe and critique the concept of the mind existing alongside and separate from the body. In more recent times, the term has several uses, including the concept that the intellectual part of the human mind is influenced by emotions; and within fiction, for an emergent consciousness residing in a computer. The term originates with British philosopher Gilbert Ryle's description of René Descartes' mind–body dualism. Ryle introduced the phrase in The Concept of Mind (1949)[1] to highlight the view of Descartes and others that mental and physical activity occur simultaneously but separately.[2] VIDEO: 4th Psyop Group - AMONG THE STARS... PSYOP counters our adversaries' efforts by shaping the informational environment in support of the National Strategy. Traditional PSYOP has relied on speaker, print and radio broadcasting. Modern PSYOP has evolved and adapted into cyber space through creative and innovative technology. This technology enables interoperability between military deception, cyber operations and other information related capabilities to analyze the audience, develop the message and influence behavior.
  • Everything Biden... Whistleblowers accuse Joe and Hunter Biden of money laundering, human trafficking, and more...
    Biden Laptop Photos Website...
    “Hunter is in a Lot of Trouble” – Former Federal Prosecutor Breaks Down Latest Hunter Biden Indictment... Former federal prosecutor Will Scharf broke down the latest federal indictment against Hunter Biden. The Justice Department on Thursday filed new criminal charges against Hunter Biden. Hunter Biden was hit with a 9-count indictment filed in the Central District of California: Tax evasion, failure to file/pay taxes, and false/fraudulent tax return. The new indictment was handed down by Special Counsel David Weiss after a sweetheart plea deal on tax charges fell apart over the summer. Oversight Committee - Hunter Biden’s business entity, Owasco P.C., made DIRECT monthly payments to Joe Biden.... Rep. James Comer explains
  • Everything Trump...
    VIDEO compilation about Trump's next moves if he becomes president again... Media warns if Trump wins next election, the world will come to an end. He will assassinate generals, shoot visitors at the White House, kill the First Lady, Suspend the Constitution, kill democracy, destroy the justice department. Special counsel goes directly to Supreme Court to resolve whether Trump has immunity from prosecution ... Special counsel Jack Smith on Monday asked the Supreme Court to decide whether Donald Trump has any immunity from criminal prosecution for alleged crimes he committed while in office – the first time that the high court will weigh in on the historic prosecution of the former president. The extraordinary request is an attempt by Smith to keep the election subversion trial – currently scheduled for early March – on track. Smith is asking the Supreme Court to take the rare step of skipping a federal appeals court and quickly decide a fundamental issue of the case against Trump. VIDEO Big smiles on Trumps lawyers face and the news of what Trump just stated…... -summarization- [They] got caught. AGAIN. #Discovery gonna be lit! VIDEO of cartoon trump and a wall from 1990... I'm gonna keep doing this bc it completely blows my mind... 🤯 How did Heavy Metal Magazine predict all of this in 1990?! This is a MUST follow thread... Can someone explain all of these "coincidences"?
  • Fall of the Cabal Continues...
    The Sequel to The Fall of The Cabal - Part 28: CLIMATE CRISIS?... The Sequel to The Fall of The Cabal - Part 27: The World Economic Forum – The End of Homo Sapiens... THE SEQUEL TO THE FALL OF THE CABAL - PART 26: Covid-19: Genocide Wrapped Up... The Cabal’s torture strategy had worked brilliantly. People had become lethargic and simply failed to notice the insane amount of cases of thrombosis, pulmonary embolisms, strokes, serious heart problems, and miscarriages. People dropped dead live on TV, but all that was taken in was the ever repeating slogan: “The Covid vaccines are safe and effective…” In reality, the Covid vaccines contained a deadly poison, killing some people immediately, others within weeks or months. The combination of graphene, spike proteins, and nano-bots had been perfectly adjusted to kill millions of people, as confirmed by international tenders, alarming VAERS predictions, and the Liquefying “Bio-Sludge” Bill, legalising the spreading of human remains over crops as fertilizer. In this final episode about the Covid tragedy, we wrap up what will referred to (in future times) as the most heinous genocide in the history of mankind. THE SEQUEL TO THE FALL OF THE CABAL - PART 25: Covid-19 - Torture Program... Part 25: this is the eighth episode about Covid-19, the biggest medical scam of all times. Covid-19 was not a killer virus. The MSM was the real virus. When the CDC, NHS, and other ‘health care’ organisations did a recount of the amount of deaths truly connected to Covid-19, it turned out to be nothing more than a mild flue. How did the authorities brainwash the people into believing their lies? By means of an effective torture program, as confirmed by Amnesty International and others. Eight ways to effectively torture people into obedience had been let loose on the population. Most people succumbed. Don’t miss this episode in order to understand how the human mind works and how it could ever get to this point. THE SEQUEL TO THE FALL OF THE CABAL - Part 24: Covid-19: Mandatory Vaccinations? Time for Action!... What can you do to beat the 1%? Enjoy this proactive episode in which we show you the true effect of mass demonstrations, signed petitions, and setting up groups of warriors who are not afraid to write or call those who do not serve the best interest of the 99%. The outcome of the above mentioned methods of action may surprise you! Furthermore, we show you why Ivermectine and HCQ had to be made illegal. That was the only way to push the mandatory vaccination narrative into effect. How? Why? What’s the connection with the Nuremberg Code and Article 32 of the 4th Geneva Convention? Why is this of vital importance to know? Watch this episode several times, so you know what to say when confronted with mandatory hospitalization, lethal hospital procedures and/or mandatory vaccinations!
  • Politics - Election Integrity
    List of Executive Orders...
    House passes sweeping defense policy bill that includes 5.2% pay raise for members of the military... The House voted Thursday to pass a critical defense policy bill known as the National Defense Authorization Act, which sets the policy agenda and authorizes funding for the Department of Defense annually. The bill will next be sent to President Joe Biden to be signed into law. The Senate passed the bill Wednesday. The House vote was 310 to 118 with 73 Republicans and 45 Democrats opposing the bill. The final negotiated version of the NDAA for fiscal year 2024 authorizes $886 billion in national defense funding, an increase of $28 billion over last year. VIDEO West Virginia Official Accuses the CIA of Stealing the 2020 Election: "Gateway: Beyond the Headlines"... 01:06 - West Virginia Secretary of State asserts the CIA covertly manipulated the 2020 election. 08:37 - Sarah Biden's congressional probe and her involvement in family's international dealings. 13:22 - Startling poll reveals widespread mail-in-ballot fraud. 28:40 - Political prisoner: Owen Schroyer's harrowing tale behind bars. 34:30 - Who will be Trump's right hand? VP contenders for 2024. Judicial Watch: Records Show Federal Agency ‘Real-Time Narrative Tracking’ to Take Down Social Media Posts During 2020 Election... (Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today it received 44 pages of records in a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that show a close collaboration between DHS’s Cybersecurity and Information Security Agency (CISA) and the leftist Election Integrity Partnership (EIP) to engage in “real-time narrative tracking” on all major social media platforms in the days leading up to the 2020 election. The records discuss “takedowns” of social media posts and the avoidance of creating public records subject to FOIA. The records also show that the EIP, which was initially called the Election Misinformation Partnership in the days leading up to the November 3, 2020, election, tasked staffers with monitoring online election content 24 hours a day with a priority being “disinfo that is going viral.” “By 6 votes, the Senate just forced through a violation of your constitutional rights..." STOP THE NDAA: The Illegitimate Federal Government and its Unconstitutional Agencies Want to Spy on ALL Americans... The Senate just passed the wholly unconstitutional and criminal 2024 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). To illegally spy on Americas, these politician puppets working actively against the Constitution and We the People have provided funding for the NDAA to the tune of $886 billion. That’s some theft via taxation to further subjugate the taxpayers that happen to be non-resident aliens of the foreign nation of Washington, D.C., and as such do not owe any said taxes, but we digress. Now these criminal agencies like the FBI, CIA, et al. can further expand their “legal” warrantless spying of foreign targets and Americans who have communications with those foreign subjects to ever more draconian levels; a Constitutional loophole if there ever was one, especially in light of Trump’s “Russia collusion.” In other words, there can be no Fourth Amendment when there is a gross aberration of the law like the NDAA, which is nothing more than the malignant metastasizing of the unconstitutional Patriot Act. VIDEO Johanna Ah'Nee birth certificate was used to forge the Barack H. Obama birth certificate (Forensic Analysis)... Full 10 Min Report, Experts CONFIRM Barack Obama Birth Certificate is FAKE. Obama’s Presidency Was A Fraud & Has “9 Points Of Forgery” Everything Obama Did Should Be Undone VIDEO Liberty versus Freedom... Watch this...Liberty is not Freedom February 13, 2008 Presidential Statement on FISA... President Bush spoke about the Protect America Act which is set to expire February 16. The Senate passed new legislation yesterday and the House is considering the legislation today. He said that intelligence professionals must be able to monitor the communications of suspected terrorists. He was accompanied by Michael McConnell, director of the Office of National Intelligence. Speaker Johnson angering GOP with plan to tuck FISA extension into defense bill... Speaker Mike Johnson's (R-LA) outlook for next week got grimmer Friday when the members of the House Freedom Caucus announced their opposition to attaching a short-term extension of a powerful government surveillance tool on the annual defense bill, spelling trouble for passage. The original purpose of Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, or FISA, allows the government to conduct targeted surveillance of foreign nationals living outside the U.S. without needing to obtain a warrant. It was passed after 9/11 to stop terrorism, but the FISA court has been greatly abused by the FBI and DOJ and used against Americans instead of foreign nationals violating the 4th amendment. Examples of FISA abuses and spying: 🚨Crossfire Hurricane FBI and DOJ FISA abuse targeted Trump campaign for Russia Russia Russia LIES 🚨 The FBI abused FISA to search for information in a U.S. database of foreign intelligence more than 278,000 times in 2020 and early 2021, including Americans involved in the Jan. 6 and BLM riots. 🚨 FBI employees wrongly searched foreign surveillance data for the last names of a U.S. senator and a state senator. FBI ran a query using the Social Security number of a state judge who complained about alleged civil rights violations by a municipal chief of police. While we need the ability to stop terrorism in America, abusing FISA to target political enemies should never happen. But if a terrorist attack happens on U.S. soil, every American will blame the Biden regime for allowing 1.8 million got aways in our country including an unknown number of terrorists from all over the world! It won’t be because members of congress like me refuse to vote to reauthorize secret spy courts and fund politically weaponized government agencies. The communists who have abused the power of the federal government are the ONLY ones to blame!!! User’s manual to fight over renewing special foreign surveillance powers to prevent a terrorist attack... There is a power play going on as Congress rushes to approve the renewal of a controversial foreign surveillance program (Known as FISA Section 702) before it expires at the end of the year. FBI Director Christopher Wray testified before a Senate panel earlier this week that he had "never seen a time where all the threats or so many of the threats are all elevated, all at exactly the same time." The intelligence community is very wary of FISA Section 702 going dark at the end of the year unless Congress renews it amid the current, volatile threat matrix. This week, I will vote against H. Res. 894.... Anti-Zionism isn’t antisemitism. “The resolution states that all antisemitism is anti-Zionism. That is either intellectually disingenuous or just factually wrong” -the most senior Jewish member of the House. 118TH CONGRESS 1ST SESSION H. RES. 894 - Strongly condemning and denouncing the drastic rise of antisemitism in the United States and around the world. ... IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES NOVEMBER 28, 2023 Mr. KUSTOFF (for himself and Mr. MILLER of Ohio) submitted the following resolution; which was referred to the Committee on the Judiciary, and in addition to the Committee on Foreign Affairs, for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions as fall within the jurisdiction of the committee concerned Gold bars found in Sen. Bob Menendez’s home linked to 2013 armed robbery: report... Four of the gold bars Sen. Bob Menendez stashed at his home were previously stolen from the businessman accused of bribing the New Jersey Democrat, according to a report. The serial numbers on some of the gold found by the FBI during a June 2022 raid on Menendez’s Englewood Cliffs, NJ, home match identifiers that Fred Daibes reported to police after a 2013 armed robbery, according to NBC News. Robbers made off with $500,000 in cash and 22 gold bars from Daibes’ Edgewater, NJ, home during the 2013 heist, the outlet reports. Police later nabbed four suspects and recovered the stolen gold. The matching serial numbers indicate that authorities have directly linked at least some of the gold found in Menendez’s home to Daibes, a New Jersey real estate developer and Menendez fundraiser.
  • The Spotlight: Odd Events, Change in Leadership, Public Embarrassment, Resignations, Arrests, COVID+, and Notable Deaths...
    Resignation.info... Notable Resignations Worldwide
    Ex-FBI counterintelligence chief Charles McGonigal faces sentencing for working with Russian oligarch... One of the highest-ranking FBI agents to ever face criminal charges is scheduled to be sentenced on Thursday. Charles McGonigal, a former counterintelligence leader in the FBI's New York field office, pleaded guilty to a conspiracy charge and has asked for no prison time. ("He accepted 17,000 dollars...") Vigilant Fox: Italian Health Minister Under Investigation for Murder for Concealing COVID-19 Vaccine Deaths... “He knew the shots were killing people and gave orders to local health authorities to conceal deaths and serious side effects.” “Former Italian Health Minister Roberto Speranza is under investigation for homicide after emails reveal that from the very start of the vaccinations, he knew the shots were killing people and gave orders to local health authorities to conceal deaths and serious side effects in order to reassure Italian citizens of their safety and to not jeopardize the vaccination campaign,” reported InfoWars contributor Greg Reese in viral X post shared by Alex Jones. ALAN DERSHOWITZ: Fire Harvard's Claudine Gay from my old college now - and then dismantle, discredit and utterly destroy the Orwellian DEI groupthink that put her there... University of Pennsylvania President Liz Magill has resigned because she articulated and enforced a double standard of free speech to the detriment of Jewish students. Harvard's President Claudine Gay should be next to go. Then, we're looking at you, Massachusetts Institute of Technology President Sally Kornbluth. This is a bombshell. THREAD... First, Gay lifts an entire paragraph nearly verbatim from a paper by Lawrence Bobo and Franklin Gilliam’s, while passing it off as her own paraphrase and language... ‘Pfizergate’ affair lead EU lawmaker Michèle Rivasi dies aged 70... Michèle Rivasi, the Green MEP who pushed for the SMS exchanges between the European Commission President and Pfizer CEO to be made public, died on Wednesday (29 November) at the age of 70 of a heart attack while on her way to the European Parliament in Brussels. Rivasi had been a Member of the European Parliament for the Greens since 2009, notably getting involved in a battle against the EU-Mercosur free trade agreement and standing against the use of pesticides, including glyphosate.
  • UFOs, ANTARCTICA, Hollow Earth, Super Earth, Flat Earth, ETs... And more...
    All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO)... 12/10/23: AIR FORCE ONE at LAX | LAX LIVE | LAX Plane Spotting... It's famous for energy vortexes which can be felt in the body's chakras. Beneath these vortexes are giant triangular quartz crystals that are programmed by Galactic Federation to function in the Shift. These were placed by Pleiadians around the planet thousands of years ago, and are continually being adjusted as the Earth changes. They will rise out of the ground and turn side to side at the moment of the Shift. Pleiadians call Sedona the "Heart of Sheen' because this is where Earth's ascension to Sheen (5D Earth) begins. There are two hidden bases in Sedona. One is a Galactic Federation base inside the red rocks and another is an 'off the books' secret human military base underground. Elder Ikai keeps his cloaked craft stationed above Sedona, and meets continually with other galactics and human white hats. VIDEO of a large craft over a hill... 🚨 Kyrgyzstan UFO. Filmed today. What The Actual Fuck? VIDEO Strange sounds: Brazil - Salvador 10/25/2023 Chilling rumble sounds coming from the sky. ... They were heard in different parts of the world. And the angel sounded with a trumpet 🎺 ... Soon
  • J6 videos released by the House!
    Speaker Johnson Announces Public Release of January 6 Footage... The GOP-led House began on Friday to release tens of thousands of hours of video footage from January 6, 2021 — the day of the U.S. Capitol breach — to the public. All January 6th Tapes RELEASED: Cops Open Doors, High-5 Peaceful Protesters | The Big Lie EXPOSED🚨... Committee on House Administration Access to USCP Video From January 6, 2021... House speaker says Jan. 6 security footage is being posted online for public access... WASHINGTON — A Republican-led House committee on Friday began posting internal video from the Jan. 6 riot to a public website, with House Speaker Mike Johnson vowing to make the footage "available to all Americans." “Today, we will begin immediately posting video on a public website and move as quickly as possible to add to the website nearly all of the footage, more than 40,000 hours," Johnson, R-La., said in a statement. “This decision will provide millions of Americans, criminal defendants, public interest organizations, and the media an ability to see for themselves what happened that day, rather than having to rely upon the interpretation of a small group of government officials," he said, adding that requests for access to specific videos can also be made through the House Administration Committee. The panel began by posting 90 hours of security video that had already been released to media outlets. Rep. Joe Morelle, the top Democrat on the House Administration Committee, blasted Friday's release of the footage. “It is unconscionable that one of Speaker Johnson’s first official acts as steward of the institution is to endanger his colleagues, staff, visitors, and our country by allowing virtually unfettered access to sensitive Capitol security footage," Morelle said in a statement. "That he is doing so over the strenuous objections of the security professionals within the Capitol Police is outrageous." Capitol Police declined to comment. VIDEO GOP Rep. Higgins asks FBI Director Wray POINT-BLANK if FBI sent "ghost busses" filled with FBI informants dressed as Trump supporters to the Capitol on J6th— Watch as Democrats rush to cut off his mic...... Judicial Watch: U.S. Capitol Police Federal Court Filing Reveals Officials Were Aware of the Potential for a Significant Disturbance on January 6... Judicial Watch announced today that it received the court-ordered declaration of James W. Joyce, senior counsel in the Office of the General Counsel for the Capitol Police, in which he describes emails among senior officials of the United States Capitol Police (USCP) in January 2021 that show warnings of possible January 6 protests that could lead to serious disruptions at the U.S. Capitol. The declaration comes in a lawsuit Judicial Watch brought under the common law right of access to public records (Judicial Watch v. United States Capitol Police (No. 1:21-cv-00401)).
  • X - Twitter and the #TWITTERFILES... Elon Musk, a conspiracy theorist or a realist?
    VIDEO 🔥 Elon Musk: “Media Matters is an evil propaganda machine…We are suing them in every country that they operate. ... And we will pursue not just the organization, but anyone funding that organization. I want to be clear about that. Anyone funding that organization, we will pursue them. So Media Matters is an evil propaganda machine, they can go to hell. I hope they do.”
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