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March 20th, 2023
Spring Sprung. A Sprig of Truth.
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“Flowers don’t worry about how they’re going to bloom. They just open up and turn toward the light, and that makes them beautiful.” – Jim Carrey

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    See the Latest Mainstream News next to Citizen Journalists and Trending Internet Theories. We recognize that there is an abundance of information and theories out there, and that conflicting views need to be presented side-by-side in order to try and find the theme behind them. Even though we like to keep things lighthearted, we are very serious about bringing transparency to the media (all news, including the fringe stuff). ☑ an unreasonable work shift. One that starts at an unreasonable time or is of unreasonable length. It may also be a change to your regular time or day.
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  • Spring Sprung
    First Day of Spring 2023: The Spring Equinox... When does spring start? In 2023, the official first day of spring is Monday, March 20. This date marks the “spring equinox” in the Northern Hemisphere. What IS the spring equinox and is it always on the 20th? Before you try to balance that egg, read on to learn more—plus, enjoy ideas on how to celebrate the season!
  • The TRUMP files... Will Trump be arrested? Twice?...
    In response to: Trump may be HANDCUFFED and arrested next week. This is as a result of a possible indictment. Could this be the end of Trump? VIDEO: Trump discusses using ballot harvesting to beat the Democrats at their own game...
  • Making Dry Ice from Baking Soda
    Making Dry Ice from scratch...
  • Preparing for the collapse
    5 Unexpected events after economic collapse that you should prepare for... Here are five possible changes that you should prepare for before an economic collapse: Attacks on the rich, crime bosses becoming more fearless, explosive governmental growth, more businesses going bankrupt and closing, war...
  • Money Grab by the big banks. Investors lose. Biden: "Investors are not protected."
    Money grab by deep state? Lehman Brothers connection... Legacy Media: No Worries / Alternative Media: Deep State Money Grab / Social Media: Get Out Now!!!
    First Republic continues tanking, but other regional banks are rallying on Monday... Shares of First Republic Bank, which have become the barometer of the regional bank crisis, slid once again Monday after Standard & Poor’s cut the credit rating of the San Francisco-based institution, but shares of rival banks were moving higher. S&P reduced its credit rating for First Republic to B+ from BB+ on Sunday after first lowering it to junk status just last week. The rating remains on CreditWatch Negative, said S&P. Global banking crisis: One big problem down, too many others left to go ... After a major, systemically significant bank crumbled over the weekend, the banking crisis left financial institutions and regulators scrambling Monday to prevent its spread. Credit Suisse, hobbled for decades by mismanagement, scandal and bad bets, finally succumbed to the emerging global banking crisis. Its stunning and rapid takeover by rival UBS, orchestrated by Swiss authorities Sunday, took one giant, wobbling domino off the table. Hours later, a group of central banks from around the world boosted the movement of US dollars through the global financial system to keep loans flowing to households and businesses and support the world’s major economies. The question investors and nervous customers want answered this week: What’s next? Are other banks about to fall – or be saved? Will regulators be forced to step in with more rescue plans? Bank shares slide as Credit Suisse rescue fails to quell contagion fears... Banking stocks and bonds fell sharply on Monday as the hit to investors from UBS Group's state-backed takeover of Credit Suisse fanned worries about the health of the global banking sector. 100+ nations have global agreement now being deployed called ‘Project Sandman’ to drop and end dominance of U.S. dollar and petrodollar... “Project Sandman” describes a 100+ nation agreement that, when triggered, will see those nations simultaneously dump the dollar and abandon the “petrodollar” status that has allowed the USA to enjoy 50 years of fiat currency counterfeiting and material abundance at the expense of everyone else. When this decision is triggered, the dollar and all dollar-denominated assets will plunge to near-ZERO literally overnight. This means all dollar-denominated bank accounts, bonds, pension funds, treasuries and other investment vehicles will essentially be worth zero for the simple reason that all banks and markets will freeze operations. (This is the James Rickards “Ice-9” scenario.) Nearly 200 Banks At Risk of Collapsing Just Like Silicon Valley Bank — Report... "Even if only half of uninsured depositors decide to withdraw, almost 190 banks are at a potential risk of impairment to insured depositors, with potentially $300 billion of insured deposits at risk," economists write. 186 U.S. banks are risk of insolvency and may collapse similar to the way Silicon Valley Bank went bankrupt last week, according to an international economic report. A study by four economists from top universities posted to the Social Science Research Network on March 13 claimed that Federal Reserve interest rate hikes have devalued assets like U.S. Treasuries held by these banks. “From March 07, 2022, to March 6, 2023, the federal funds rate rose sharply from 0.08% to 4.57%, and this increase was accompanied by quantitative tightening. As a result, long-dated assets similar to those held on bank balance sheets experienced significant value declines during the same period,” they wrote. FedNow and ISO20022 March 17th 2023 | The Beginning of XRP and XLM | Ripple and Stellar Lumens ... Credit Suisse Guilty of Tax Fraud and Subprime Mortgage Fraud, Accused of Aiding Clients Engaged in Torture, Drug Trafficking, and Money Laundering... As the Swiss government launches a potential rescue operation for troubled banking giant Credit Suisse, it’s worth remembering the massive levels of fraud the bank has been accused of over the last several years. In 2014, the bank pleaded guilty to charges of tax fraud from the U.S. Department of Justice after admitting to helping American taxpayers file fraudulent returns and hide funds offshore. US Banks In Panic Mode! | BAILOUT CRISIS COMING... The SVB collapse has spread a contagion now affecting regional banks in the United States. Regional banks are seeing a crazy stock plunge as investors are pulling out their money. But it gets worse. The SVB bailouts have set up a bailout crisis that could spike inflation higher if more banks collapse. The higher interest rates go, the more pain the banks will feel. Here's what you must know!
  • Is the earth much larger than we've been told. Flat earthers could be partially right.
    Have we been using the wrong numbers in calculating curvature? As the size of a globe increases, its curvature flattens within the same distance on the surface. The Earth isn't flat but much bigger than we are told (update 04 06 17)... The Earth isn't flat, but much bigger than we are told. The earth is a part of something much bigger. Therefore, it seems flat, but that's because of the scale. There are many continents, and 33 of them were camouflaged through our classic earth model, by bending them inward through Antarctica. This is where the term 'hollow earth' comes from. Pilots discuss if the earth is flat... Take 15 minutes of your free time today, and listen to this entire video. How the camera lens creates the appearance of curvature (video example)... Look at all that Curvature - Falcon 9 payload returning to Earth Is the moon a reflection of earth?...
  • 4-18-18
    41818: what happened? an Internet Mystery... You will be fine you will make it past April 18 just be careful read this. (Caution Nausea) Get to a basement when the sky turns dark blue. Buy dramamine and wait out the first impulse. Keep in writing your most basic memories.
  • How to reject the Great Reset
    ▪️Reject vaccinations, CO2 passports, digital IDs and currencies, and any other forms of government overreach. ▪️Speak up and express your opinion. Don't comply with oppressive measures. ▪️Exercise regularly and prioritize physical health. ▪️Learn one new hard skill per week or month to expand your knowledge and abilities. ▪️Consider having more than two children, if that's what you desire; Bill Gates hates that trick! ▪️Eat pasture-raised meat and feed bugs to the chickens instead of eating them. ▪️Limit sugar intake to 8g per day to break addiction. ▪️Consume alternative and objective media and learn to read and interpret scientific studies. ▪️Drive a robust car without too many electronics to avoid over-reliance on technology. ▪️Strive for self-sufficiency when it comes to water, food, and electricity. ▪️Own land and practice agroforestry and permaculture to improve soil and food quality. ▪️Protect your privacy with tools like Linux and CalyxOS. ▪️Use cash and avoid bonus programs to maintain financial independence. ▪️Consider homeschooling to avoid having your children brainwashed by public schools. ▪️Connect with like-minded people to build a supportive community. ▪️Take responsibility for your own health and well-being. ▪️Turn off your TV and limit time on social media. ▪️Buy local products from farmers' markets and boycott corporations like Nestlé, PepsiCo, Unilever, and Kraft. ▪️Don't take biking too seriously; the occasional plane ride won't destroy the planet. ▪️Practice spirituality in any positive form that resonates with you. ▪️Reduce usage of Google and other data-leeching platforms. ▪️Invest in gold, crypto, land, or other alternative assets to diversify your financial portfolio. ▪️Support unbiased scientists and politicians who have the courage to speak out. ▪️Ditch the mask and smile at people to spread positivity. ▪️Live with dignity and respect for yourself and others. ▪️Share this post with others who are looking to reject 'The Great Reset' and take control of their lives. ▪️Profit from the benefits of living an independent and empowered life! ▪️Follow me (@goddeketal) for more insights.
  • Natural Disasters... Fires, solar flares, power outages, and earthquakes...
    ⚠️ ARK ALERT: Monitor Internet Outages, Cyber Attacks, Power Outages, Earthquakes, Flooding, Droughts, Solar Activity, Fires, Natural Disasters and World COVID Statistics
    💉 Check Vaccine Batch Codes 💉
    How Bad is My Batch... 💉 Batch codes and associated deaths, disabilities and illnesses for Covid 19 Vaccines Moderna batch codes... Pfizer batch codes... Janssen batch codes... Europe is at DEFCON 2...
    👀 MONITOR: Cyberattacks, Floods, Earthquakes, Power Outages, Internet Outages, Defcon Level, and Solar Flares 👀
    🗟 What day is today in the _________ calendar?... National Integrated Heat Health Information System... Heat related illnesses and death are largely preventable with proper planning, education, and action. Heat.gov serves as the premier source of heat and health information for the nation to reduce the health, economic, and infrastructural impacts of extreme heat. 📈 U.S. Debt Clock... US Debt in real-time 🚨 Cyberattack map... Cyberthreat Real-Time Map 💥 Map of all supply chain disasters... From food to fuel... From fires to hacking... 💡 Power Outages Website See the latest power outages Website Down Detector See the latest Website Outages... 👁 Internet Eyes Website See the Latest Internet Disruptions. ☀ Real-time solar activity... Monitor Solar Activity ⚡ Flash Floods and Severe Weather... See the latest Flood Warnings and other Severe Weather Monitoring ⚠️ National Hurricane Center... See the latest on Hurricanes 🌊 U.S. Tsunami Warning System... Monitor Tsunami Warnings for US 🌎 Worldometer Statistics... Worldometer is run by an international team of developers, researchers, and volunteers with the goal of making world statistics available in a thought-provoking and time relevant format to a wide audience around the world. 📈 The Latest Earthquake Data... See the latest Earthquake Updates ⚠️ EMSC Earthquakes Interactive Map... Interactive Map for Viewing Earthquakes around the world... Zoom in on the La Palma Earthquake "GRID" 🛸 UFO Sighting HotSpot... See November 24th, 2021 Edition for details on flooding, fires, and earthquakes from 2021
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