BullShit News Election Fraud Special Edition

Special Report on Light and Technology

“Pribram realized that if the holographic brain model was taken to its logical conclusions, it opened the door on the possibility that objective reality—the world of coffee cups, mountain vistas, elm trees, and table lamps—might not even exist, or at least not exist in the way we believe it exists. Was it possible, he wondered, that what the mystics had been saying for centuries was true, reality was maya, an illusion, and what was out there was really a vast, resonating symphony of wave forms, a "frequency domain" that was transformed into the world as we know it only after it entered our senses?” ― Michael Talbot

Facts, Fiction (Until it's Fact), and Future of Light Technology

From lasers to holograms, light has always entertained and amazed. Now the unbelievable is possible. What will the future hold. Read more on the facts, fiction, and future of light technology.