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  • It's Biblical
    The Meaning of 144,000... The 144,000 from ancient scriptures refers to the number of starseeds who will be activated with a special frequency to assist with the process of global ascension. The Shift to 5D is a planet by Galactic Federation, which will be initiated by Elder Ikai of Taygeta at the chosen moment. This process is assisted by gigantic programmed quartz crystals placed underground through the planet, and by incarnated souls carrying a specific frequency. There are millions of starseeds who are incarnated now to experience the Shift but only a small fraction of these would be considered lightworkers, or wayshowers, elevating human consciousness. At least 144,000 individuals are needed to hold the light for the planet until The Shift. Certain starseeds are encoded for specific missions. The vibrational frequency is carried within to feed the planet and others through a network of light. After the Shift, the 144,000 will gather from wherever they are to come together for the honor and celebration.
  • Friday the 13th
    History: Friday the 13th... On Friday, October 13, 1307, officers of King Philip IV of France arrested hundreds of the Knights Templar, a powerful religious and military order formed in the 12th century for the defense of the Holy Land. Imprisoned on charges of various illegal behaviors (but really because the king wanted access to their financial resources), many Templars were later executed. Some cite the link with the Templars as the origin of the Friday the 13th superstition, but like many legends involving the Templars and their history, the truth remains murky. Friday the 13th and King Phillip vs. the Templars... King Philip was in debt. His various wars, political maneuvers, and extravagant lifestyle had caused him to become deeply indebted to the Knights Templar, and unable to satisfy his debt. Worse, he saw that the Knights had significant income but did not pay taxes, significant assets that they kept to themselves, and were all well trained in the art of fighting. What’s a King to do? The Templars were still under the control of the Catholic Church, not answerable to any king, and to lay attack on them would be seen poorly by the public, who held sympathy for the Church. King Philip, showing unusual intelligence, determined to destroy the Templars quickly and efficiently; he would accuse the entire Order of heresy, extract confessions under brutal torture before the Church could get involved, and claim their property and wealth as French. Sealed orders were sent across all of France, to be opened on the appointed day, and the Templars fate was sealed. Friday, October 13th, 1307. King Philip’s orders were simultaneously opened across his realm. They included a letter detailing the numerous heretical crimes of the Templars, along with the order to arrest all Templars, and a list of the highest ranking Templar officers. Reports vary, but most agree that six hundred and twenty five Templars were arrested that day. They were tortured until they confessed to any charge that was leveled against them, and those confessions were used as proof that King Philip had acted in the best interests of the Catholic Church in apprehending the knights. Pope Clement had no choice but to issue papal arrest warrants for the remaining knights worldwide.
  • All wars are banker wars
    All wars are banker wars documentary... "All Wars Are Bankers Wars" by Michael Rivero
  • Harnessing Sky Energy
    VIDEO harnessing electricity from the atmosphere... As a Fact, We Have Free Energy Just Above Our Heads.. 1/2 VIDEO continued - harnessing electricty from the atmosphere... As a Fact, We Have Free Energy Just Above Our Heads.. 2/2
  • declassified: fALLEN aNGELS
    Declassified Documents Reveal Fallen Angels... Declassified Documents Reveal Fallen Angels. Fallen Angels, UFOs, and official Govt documents.. You need to see this! I sat down with Justen and Wes Faull from Fourth Watch Films and Faull Brothers Productions for this very special interview on Higher Entities: The Lost Tapes w/ Justen Faull & Wes Faull
  • The Druze Strand
    The Lincoln Kahlooni Druze Minority Bloodline: The Jesus Strand... Do you remember when Q made numerous Biblical references and specifically mentioned to follow the bloodlines? The reason these are "Biblical Times" is because we are in the midst of an irregular, spiritual, psychological, information based, bloodline war where God wins in the end. The bloodlines engaged in this warfare are the interbred and intermarried fake Jewish Khazarian Mafia (Illuminati/Jesuit) bloodlines whom seek to exterminate the remaining Druze ethnic bloodlines (800,000 to 2,000,000 people) from Earth as they share the same scientifically proven DNA as Jesus Christ.
  • 3 Popes and a...
    The Black Nobility Jesuit Order: Founders of Fascism, Freemasonry, Illuminati, The Vatican & Zionism... This article acts as an introductory discussion for you to familiarize yourself with humanities consistent true enemy; the Jesuits. The Jesuits are an ancient pagan cult that infiltrated the Roman Catholic church long ago, they are the originators of fascism as seen through their fasces symbology. The Jesuits are often referred to as "Black Nobility" or "Papal Bloodlines." The best and quickest direct evidence of the orders agenda is that Adam Weishaupt, the founder of the Illuminati was a Jesuit as he openly attended a Jesuit school, easily proving that the Jesuits started the Illuminati as one of their control methods.
  • The 10-4 EBS PsyOp
    VIDEO explaining the disinformation campaign about the EBS... 10 4 emergency 5G zombie Apocalypse video warning.
  • Cancelled Debt
    Biden cancels $9 billion in student debt for 125,000 borrowers... President Joe Biden announced on Wednesday that he’d approve $9 billion in student loan forgiveness for 125,000 Americans. The relief is a result of his administration’s fixes to number of programs, including the income-driven repayment plans and Public Service Loan Forgiveness.
  • Alternative/Natural Remedies
    Commonly Prescribed Antibiotic May Have Other Uses: CDC... Why did the Center for Disease Crimes (CDC) issue this recommendation for repurposed uses of an inexpensive drug like Doxycycline? Hint: VAIDS and turbo cancers. NATURE'S M U C I N E X DETOX YOUR LUNGS THE NATIVE AMERICAN WAY!... THE MULLEIN PLANT MIGHT EVEN BE IN YOUR BACK YARD! GOT ASTHMA ALLERGIES MUCUS SMOKERS COUGH CHEST CONGEST. YOU CAN SMOKE IT+DRINK IT IN TEA VIDEO Oregano Oil, Black Seed oil, Cilantro, Parsley... DO YOU SUFFER F R O M HSV 1&2 BACTERIA VAGINOSIS URINARY TRACT INF HUMAN PAP. INFECT BACTERIAL INFECTIONS? YOU HAVE ALL THAT YOU NEED W/O P E R S C R I P T I O N! VIDEO Iodine deficiency test... VIDEO THIS HEALING D E V I C E HAS BEEN H I D D E N FROM THE W O R L D THEY RATHER US S I C K + ADDICTED TO THEIR POISONS ARE YOU FED UP?... AGAINST W A R T S AGE SPOTS SKIN T A G S + SKIN C A N C E R S TRY HER OOLS R E C I P E ARE C H E M I C A L L A U N D R Y DETERGENT S GIVING YOU ALLERGIES?... TRY MAKING YOUR OWN N A T U R A L L Y FENBENDAZOLE and CANCER - at least 12 Anti-Cancer mechanisms of action. Not approved by FDA. Cheap. Safe. Kills aggressive cancers. Why no Clinical Trials? Nine research papers reviewed...
  • Rewriting Ancient History
    3,700-year-old Babylonian stone tablet gets translated, changes history ... They were doing trigonometry 1500 years before the Greeks.
  • The X Files tried to warn you
    VIDEO Watch this and have your mind blown. ... They knew it did this 20 years ago. Whoever wrote the script for this episode of X-Files has to be a time traveler or a senior deep state operative who revealed their entire plan just for giggles.
  • Aluminum's suspected tie to asthma and autism
    CDC confirms aluminum in vaccines linked to childhood asthma and AUTISM... A new study funded by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirms that aluminum compounds found in childhood vaccines are linked to an array of illnesses, including neurological disorders, asthma, and the Big A: autism. Though the study's authors tried their best to minimize the link, they were unable to sidestep a "positive association" between "vaccine-related aluminum exposure" and "persistent asthma" in children aged 24-59 months. Overall, children in the study who received 3 milligrams (mg) or more of vaccine-related aluminum had a 36 percent higher risk than children who took other vaccines to develop persistent asthma. Association Between Aluminum Exposure FromVaccines Before Age 24 Months and PersistentAsthma at Age 24 to 59 Months...
  • More on the F-35
    MonkeyWerx HOW DOES ONE LOSE AN F35?! SITREP 9.20.23... F35 pilot who ejected over South Carolina is heard pleading for an ambulance in bizarre 911 call from resident's house and admitting 'I'm not sure where my plane is'... The pilot of a $100million F35 fighter jet who ejected over South Carolina over the weekend can be heard pleading for an ambulance and admitting he his 'not sure' where his plane is in astonishing newly-released audio of a 911 call. The unnamed pilot, a 47-year-old with decades of flying experience, parachuted into a resident's back yard from 2,000ft after the super-advanced stealth aircraft suffered a malfunction over Charleston. His jet kept flying for 60 miles until it crashed in a rural area near Indiantown. The aircraft was finally tracked down after a frantic 28-hour search for the wreckage.
  • Starseeds and Ascension
    What is the Shift?... It’s been prophesied in cultures throughout history, and known by many names; The Shift, The Event, Ascension to 5D, New Earth, Age of Aquarius, Shift of the Ages, Day of the Lord, and the Rapture. It describes the end of a major cycle of time and the transition to a higher state of being for humanity, which will allow humans to exist as a galactic civilization and interact with advanced extraterrestrial races. It’s not a literal solar flash, but will be triggered by a pulse of consciousness initiated by Galactic Federation at an unspecified moment. Pleiadians say that it will happen during the lifetimes of the generations alive now. On a higher frequency, the moment has already happened, but we’ve yet to perceive it in our 3D reality. When it reaches our consciousness, everything will be changed forever. VIDEO about the Shift... Cracking The Code: Hidden Message For Indigos and Starseeds Revealed!... From Pleiadian teachings we know there are 200+ million starseeds currently incarnated as human. Most of them don't know it yet. Over half of all starseeds are Pleiadian and Arcturian souls. Those who feel drawn to this information are likely starseeds. Those who can't understand anything I'm sharing are likely Earth-native souls. Starseed: A soul choosing to experience life on another world as another species, who returns home after physical death. On Earth, this is often a higher being with connections to Galactic Federation. Earth-native: A soul that has experienced life only on Earth, through many perspectives, evolving from primitive to more advanced forms, reincarnating many times, with Guidance by higher beings. Starseeds are here for both the experience and to assist Earth ascend. There are more starseeds incarnated now than ever before because so many want to experience the Shift as human. UFOs currently being seen are soul family and friends of incarnated starseeds. Earth-native souls are here because there’s nowhere else for them to go. There's no soul trap. Galactic Federation found life evolving naturally on Earth who they saved from extinction and have continually assisted to this day. Ascension is for Earth-native souls, not starseeds. Both starseeds and Earth-native souls are completely human during this 3D experience. We are all eternal souls with temporary human bodies. All souls are old souls. As humans, the practical differences between starseeds and Earth-native souls are with soul plans, quantity of DNA strands and DNA uploads & downloads. Starseeds may arrive with specific talents or skills, intuition to work in a certain area, or ambition to achieve a particular goal. DNA downloads allow deeper concepts to be understood, like what I'm sharing. Both starseeds and Earth-native souls have Guides. Guides are family to starseeds and were often human friends to Earth-native souls in previous lifetimes. When I share starseed origins for famous people, there's often surprise a starseed could have done something bad - 'How can this person be a higher being when they did this awful thing?’ - or even suggest the soul origin has some connection to an evil deed. Starseeds agree to forget who they are and don't behave as higher beings. Humans don't have memory recall of past lives, but every experience is recorded by the akashic and soul. This is why we can go inward to meditate and access wisdom. All humans are flawed. Everyone has been a villain in a past life. Light and dark forces are always trying to influence us, but they can't make our choices for us. Our personal choices determines our outcomes. I (Kab) am a Pleiadian-incarnated soul having a human experience. I have the same problems as anyone else. I'm able to share this information and these messages because in the Pleiades, my parents are Elder Ikai and Aya of Taygeta. This is my soul plan. Some humans are quick to label all life in the universe as evil without any self-awareness of the evils done by humans. What do you think higher beings think about a planet where the intelligent species rapes, murders, enslaves and fights endless wars against its own? Humans have great potential but need help. There are beings you will soon meet who love humans unconditionally and have been helping for a very long time. They call Earth "KISHAPOLEE", which means 'Child of Mine'. They send many of their own to live among you and are preparing the greatest gift any planet has ever received. Please don't say anything you'll regret later when these loving and powerful beings step out of their crafts to greet us at the Shift. You will experience it in this lifetime. Sooner than you might think. VIDEO The Kundalini Activation Technique is the most powerful of all spiritual practices.... The Galactic Federation. Helping to Achieve a Higher Consciousness... The Galactic Federation - On many of my meditational journeys I mention my travels to meet with my spirit guide Tygon, the Arcturian, and the Galactic Federation. Many people may not know what the Galactic Federation is or that it even exists. Today's blog is going to be an introduction to the Galactic Federation. The Galactic Federation is an alliance of extraterrestrial civilizations within the Milky Way. The first revelation that this Federation exists was through the channeling of Sheldan Nidle. Former Israeli space security chief, Haim Eshed, said that people on Earth have been in contact with the Galactic federation. He stated that the Federation believed humans were not ready to know of their existence. He stated that agreements had been signed between species and there was an underground base on Mars occupied by humans and aliens... more
  • You are a digital soldier
    Anons would be nothing without you. You're a very important part of the Information Army. Without you we wouldn't be as powerful as we are, & by we, I mean ALL OF US. Together we are strong. I see people say they wish they could do more. I just want you to understand that every moving part matters. A clock can't tell time without the gears. You cause the ripple effect in the ocean of information. Even if you only get 4 re-posts it helps. Look at your views & the views of the re-posts. Now multiply that by millions. It's not about how big your following is, it's about all of us working together. Where we go one, we go all.
  • Is something 13x worse than 9-11 on the horizon?
    VIDEO Multiple Remote Viewers Warn of World Changing Event at Year’s End... False Flags
  • What's really coming across the border?
    Biden admin waived 26 federal laws to build new section of border wall ... Twenty-six federal laws were been swept aside for the new section of border wall to be built in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley. The laws waived by the Biden administration are all designed to protect wildlife and public health. They include: the Clean Air Act, Safe Drinking Water Act, Endangered Species Act, Solid Waste Disposal Act, Farmland Protection Policy Act and Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act. An analysis of the plans by The Post shows Starr County where the wall is being built continues up to a wildlife preserve, close to farmland which could be polluted, and weaves around small towns which will likely be affected by the construction. The full number, including unrecorded, may be over half a million per month, which is the population of Wyoming. Biden administration to build more border wall touted by Donald Trump... The Biden administration is extending a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border despite President Joe Biden’s promise as a candidate not to add to a controversial border wall that's long been a signature of his predecessor Donald Trump. Amid surging migration, the Biden administration is bypassing 26 federal laws, including environmental restrictions, to build a new section of the border wall in South Texas near the Rio Grande River, according to a notice made public Thursday. Citing "high illegal entry" into the U.S., Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas defended using his authority to waive certain laws to expedite the wall's construction. VIDEO New York City is gearing up to pay over $1,000,000,000 on just hotels over the next 3 years to house illegal immigrants.... Good! That’s what happens when you call yourself a “Sanctuary City.” But that’s just the hotel costs. NYC Mayor Eric Adams estimates the total cost of the migrant crisis will be about $12B over the next 3 years. “We are past our breaking point,” he said. “With more than 57,300 individuals currently in our care on an average night, it amounts to $9.8 million a day. Almost $300 million a month and nearly $3.6 billion a year.” Residents in NYC have had enough. In the video below, Staten Island locals were arrested for blocking migrant buses. The number is rising rapidly, yet no preventive action is taken by the current administration. Just a small sample of the invasion. Chart of drug related deaths over the years - Blue is fentanyl- which is why Trump keeps spotlighting the crisis…... CIA Drug Trafficking... History of the Deep State... Many people think that the CIA is a patriotic organization that protects Americans from danger, and informs the President about what's happening in the world so he can make good decisions. But that couldn't be further from the truth. The truth is that the CIA is a vicious paramilitary mafia, that rigs elections, overthrows governments, kills people, and manipulates our presidents into doing their bidding. They are the world's foremost experts in lying, cheating, and stealing from other countries. They sow chaos, degeneracy, corruption, and violence everywhere they go.
  • Jan the Plan
    [THERE IS A PLAN] VIDEO [There is a Plan] Part 2... Arguments end in appeal case over COVID-19 quarantine regulations ... Oral arguments were heard Wednesday morning in an appeal case against the Hochul Administration over quarantine regulations relative to COVID by the NYS Department of Health. Several protestors were outside the New York State Appellate Court Wednesday morning to protest against quarantine, holding up signs, some of which say “No Quarantine Camps.” Back in July 2022, Senator George Borello and other plaintiffs won a lawsuit against Governor Hochul and the State Department of Health on a regulation that would allow the Commissioner of Health to issue isolation or quarantine orders to control the spread of a communicable disease. A verdict was ruled against the Hochul Administration, striking down the regulation. NY Attorney General Letitia James then filed an appeal to overturn the ruling on behalf of the Hochul Administration and Department of Health. There is a Plan ... I asked Dr. Jan Halper @Biz_Shrink if she can confirm with first hand knowledge of the DoD task force that there is a Plan. She not only confirmed there is a Plan and an element within the military concerned with a Great Awakening, but she said a Q proof that will blow your mind VIDEO about Lolo Sotoro and Barry...
  • X - Twitter and the #TWITTERFILES... Will X be the next WeChat and more?
    Elon Musk Makes Bold Statement About Hamas on X... The Israel-Hamas War has been a heated topic ever since armed Hamas terrorists launched an attack on Israel’s southern border on October 7, killing and taking Israeli citizens hostage, including mothers, children, and the elderly. Israel’s death count has risen to 1,200, according to The Wall Street Journal. Additionally, 765 Gazans have been reported dead, along with 1,500 Hamas militants. The total death toll from this conflict is approximately 3,500 and rising... However, the European Union is giving Elon Musk an ultimatum to censor “illegal content and disinformation” about the Israel-Hamas war on X. “Following the terrorist attacks carried out by Hamas against Israel, we have indication that your platform is being used to disseminate illegal content and disinformation in the EU,” Breton wrote in a letter to Musk, which he also posted on X. “Let me remind you that the Digital Services Act sets very precise obligations regarding content moderation.”
  • Fires Everywhere... Climate change or weather manipulation and arson?
    VIDEO 🚨The CCP Had Satelites over Maui (LAHAINA, OLINDA, & KULA), at the EXACT same Time of the Fires!!!! ... Steve Favis, Computer Science & Advanced Robotics Expert, has compiled sufficient evidence the CCP had multiple satellites capable of an attack above Maui at the same exact time of the fires! He determined the laser would have needed to be in a wave length range to minimize scatter through the atmosphere, so a near infrared range laser would be needed to allow a more precise transmission…. And….. would have minimal reaction to the color BLUE! THE OLINDA FIRE Was ignited at approximately at 10:47pm On August 7th.—— At this Exact Time, CCP Satellite NORAD53299 was directly over this location!!!! Holy shit! THE LAHAINA FIRE Was ignited at approximately at 6:37am on August 8th.—— At this exact time CCP Satellite NORAD55836 was directly this location! HOLY SHIT! THE KULA FIRE Was ignited at approximately at 11:30am on August 8th.—— At this exact time CCP Satellite NORAD53299 was directly this location! HOLY SHIT! Steve Favis also has calculated the CCP has up to 70 Gigawatt lasers in earth orbit right now. IN ADDITION… This is not the first time CCP Satellites have been over Hawaii recently.
  • Solar Storms, Space Mayhem, and Planetary Anomalies
    Solar flares live...
    Earth is hit by blast of energy from a dead star so powerful that scientists can't explain it... Earth has been hit by blast of energy from a dead star so powerful that scientists can't fully explain it. The intense gamma rays – detected using a vast system of telescopes in Namibia – would sizzle humans to a crisp if we were exposed to them. They originate from the Vela Pulsar around 1,000 light years from Earth, which has already been compared in appearance to the mask from the Phantom of the Opera. VIDEO Happening in many locations.... Eye in the sky. Military. Pray. If you knQw you knQw. How NASA's asteroid sample will be brought back to Earth: Capsule carrying dust from a 4.5 billion-year-old space rock is hurtling towards Utah desert ahead of Sunday's historic landing... Its cargo is so precious it could help answer some of humanity's biggest existential questions. That's why there is so much excitement about the return of the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft, which will drop a capsule full of 4.5 billion-year-old space dust back to Earth on Sunday. The 8.8oz (250g) sample, audaciously grabbed from the mountain-sized asteroid Bennu in October 2020, could shed light on how life emerged on Earth and whether we are alone in the universe. VIDEO biblical reference to star alignment now... Form your own opinion, but this warrants consideration...
  • NESARA/GESARA/GCR, the Earth Alliance/White Hats, Q, and the Galactic Federation updates...
    1) Nancy Pelosi is no longer Speaker of the House 2) Kevin McCarthy is no longer Speaker of the House 3) We have free speech again on the biggest political public square (X) 4) Federal Appeals Court has blocked Federal agencies from coordinating censorship with Big Tech 5) The Trump indictments have completely backfired and he’s leading everyone in almost every poll 6) Republicans have highest polling support as a party in 3+ decades 7) NY Gov and Mayor calling for an end to illegal alien invasion 8) Joe Biden is going to start rebuilding the Wall 9) Ukraine funding is all but dead 10) Roe v. Wade overturned 11) Affirmative action is illegal 12) SCOTUS confirmed right to carry conceal 13) Election reform being passed in dozens of states 14) Mitch McConnell is running out of runway 15) BLM has been exposed as a scam and Democrat mayors are finally calling to hire more police It’s a long, ugly fight to take back America, but we are making HUGE progress🫡🇺🇸 VIDEO Red October... We will be liquid…. It’s time, at last…. Unbelievably incredibly exciting times…. BOOM! GESARA, QFS, GCR/RV, ISO 20022, BASEL III, Protocol QFS 20, and DINAR are components of the New Financial System. Everything Is Related!... From the smoldering ashes of the old system, a phoenix of financial revolution is rising. We are amidst a potent paradigm shift, leading us from the confines of the known to the thrilling embrace of a new age – the Great Awakening to Unity Consciousness. It’s not just about currencies, regulations, or protocols. It’s about us – you, me, and our collective dream of a golden age beyond our wildest imagination. The QFS Debit Card Revolution is Here! How GESARA’s Latest Update Could Completely Overhaul the Future of VISA and Mastercard!... In the ever-evolving world of finance, a seismic shift is underway. The very foundation of our global economic system is being shaken, and the tremors are being felt by every individual, institution, and nation. But what’s really happening behind the scenes? Let’s dive deep into the murky waters of this financial transition. First and foremost, the age-old question: Will our beloved VISA or Mastercard still be relevant? The Alliance, that shadowy group of power players, is hard at work. They’re not just sitting around; they’re restructuring the entire VISA or Mastercard framework to align with the QFS debit card. And guess what? They will succeed. Why? Because the merchant fees associated with VISA, Mastercard, and other cards will soon be a thing of the past. That’s right, no more exorbitant fees! But there’s more. The bane of credit card companies and the constant threat of stolen cards and fraud will be eradicated. The QFS system is not just a financial tool; it’s a fortress. It promises to eliminate all fraudulent activities, including the ever-looming specter of identity theft. With QFS, our financial security is guaranteed. As we transition to Q phones and Quantum computers, the Paymasters will be our guides, illuminating the path forward. The Galactic Federation. Helping to Achieve a Higher Consciousness... The Galactic Federation - On many of my meditational journeys I mention my travels to meet with my spirit guide Tygon, the Arcturian, and the Galactic Federation. Many people may not know what the Galactic Federation is or that it even exists. Today's blog is going to be an introduction to the Galactic Federation. The Galactic Federation is an alliance of extraterrestrial civilizations within the Milky Way. The first revelation that this Federation exists was through the channeling of Sheldan Nidle. Former Israeli space security chief, Haim Eshed, said that people on Earth have been in contact with the Galactic federation. He stated that the Federation believed humans were not ready to know of their existence. He stated that agreements had been signed between species and there was an underground base on Mars occupied by humans and aliens... more
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