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April 14, 2023
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“May you live as long as you want and not want as long as you live.” ― Tom Hanks

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  • Twitter erupts with Tom Hanks pedo claims
  • Were Anthony Bourdain and Jeffrey Epstein Brothers?
    On Epstein island, Bourdain was the chef that prepared humans to be sacrificed and eaten by the satanic elite. Bourdain became addicted to heroine from the guilt he felt which got even worse when his brother was murdered. He was writing a book to expose it in a final effort, which is why they killed him.
  • Dylan Mulvaney meets Ben Shapiro and the Bud Light fiasco
    What the Bud Light Fiasco Reveals about the Ruling Class... What were they thinking? How did someone believe that making “trans woman” Dylan Mulvaney the icon of a Bud Light ad campaign, complete with a beer can with her image on it, would be good for sales? With an ad featuring this person vamping around in the most preposterously possible way?
  • J6 - The FBI Insurrection?
    FBI Now Admits to 40 Undercover Agents Infiltrated the Crowds on Jan. 6 #Fedsurrection... We currently have no idea how many federal, state and local government operatives were working undercover on January 6 but it looks like it is close to 100 operatives leading the charge on the US Capitol on January 6, 2021.
  • FBI and Catholics
    FBI Undercover Agent Developed Plan to Spy on Catholics: Jordan... The chair of the House Judiciary Committee has subpoenaed FBI Director Christopher Wray for all records relating to a leaked internal memo that proposed developing sources in traditionalist Catholic parishes to inform on potential “violent extremists” in such houses of worship. In an April 10 letter (pdf) attached to the subpoena, Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) noted that the committee’s investigation of that Jan. 23 memo, which has since been repudiated by the FBI, had revealed that it was produced by at least one undercover agent and that, despite leadership’s claims to the contrary, the bureau intended to act on the memo’s recommendations. “Based on the limited information produced by the FBI to the Committee, we now know that the FBI relied on at least one undercover agent to produce its analysis, and that the FBI proposed that its agents engage in outreach to Catholic parishes to develop sources among the clergy and church leadership to inform on Americans practicing their faith,” Jordan wrote to Wray. “This shocking information reinforces our need for all responsive documents, and the Committee is issuing a subpoena to you to compel your full cooperation.”
  • David Wilcock returns
    David Wilcock LIVE: Archangel Michael's Prophecy of Transformation Within Two Years... David is BACK after an eleven-month hiatus to develop five full-length books -- The Michael Prophecies. Now, as the entire series nears its completion, David will share stunning quotations that reveal astonishing prophetic accuracy about events in our present. You will also find out about what Michael calls the "First Wave of Ascension," which he says will arrive no later than 2025. This is a non-catastrophic change that spiritualizes our bodies and minds in almost inconceivable ways, according to the prophecies. Even if you never read The Michael Prophecies, David will do his best to summarize its stunning message -- and how to prepare for your own transformation!
  • Vietnam uncovered
    The Secrets and Lies of the Vietnam War, Exposed in One Epic Document... With the Pentagon Papers revelations, the U.S. public’s trust in the government was forever diminished.
  • Human teeth??? Could McDonald's have been a way to get rid of the evidence from mass murders?
    Dangerous chemicals found in 80% of McDonald's, Burger King, Pizza Hut and Domino's items... Scientists found that 81% of food items contained a phthalate, while 70% also contained a specific chemical linked to fertility problems - long term effects are, so far, unknown Retrospective: McDonald’s sorry after customer found ‘fragments of human teeth’ in his McMuffin... The white fragments have been sent away for analysis and an investigation launched after the alleged find in Japan. The alleged unwelcome discovery was made in Japan after a 58-year-old man bit into his sausage egg McMuffin. Michael Avenatti Madonna Amy C. Barrett These are names you wouldn't expect to be in the same sentence let alone same place. You will learn that children are sacrificed in order for these individuals to have a future.
  • Brunson Brothers Plan D
    Brunson brothers move to Plan D in election suit aiming to remove politicians from office ... The case was brought by Raland Brunson against 388 federal officers, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Mike Pence for failing to assess warnings about illegal votes from several states. Under Rule 11, the case was fast-tracked to the Supreme Court earlier this year because of its impact on national security. The Supreme Court declined to hear the original case, but Brunson has announced he is moving to Plan D with his brother, Loy Brunson. “Plan D – In order for us to move our brother Loy's case to the Supreme Court, we need to move it to the appellate court," Raland Brunson wrote on Tuesday. “It was two years ago (April 1, 2021) that Loy first paid the filing fee to have his complaint filed in the Federal Court. Loy gave them the filing fee, but they didn't file it. They actually accepted the filing fee but held onto the complaint without filing it. I mean, what the heck?” The federal court eventually decided to file Loy’s complaint and ordered a dismissal, which allows for an appeal. Plan D includes filing a "Notice of Appeal" to the Federal Court, which Loy did this week. This lets the court know that the plaintiff is moving the case to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals (the Appellate Court). “The plan is that as soon as it's filed in the appellate court, we are going to do a Rule 11 and move it to the Supreme Court. It will take several days, up to a couple of weeks for this to be officially filed in the Court of Appeals.”
  • "X"
    What's So Fascinating About the Letter X?... What’s so mystifying about the letter “X?” For starters, the swastika X—or cross—has come to symbolize the very essence of evil. And the letter, as signified by the skull and crossbones, portrays death by poison. Yet it also represents virtue and eternal life in being employed as an abbreviation for Christ in Xmas, and for Christianity generally. Such a curious dichotomy only hints at the many convoluted complexities of a letter seemingly “designed” to beguile us with contradictory connotations. In this post, I’ll attempt the unusually challenging task of organizing the various meanings of this strangest, and most alluring, of letters. “X” may take up less space in the dictionary than any of its 23 compatriots but, in terms of its diverse uses, it’s a letter that defines, well, overcompensation. For it seems, waywardly, to want to sprawl out in every direction imaginable. As such, it rigorously resists all attempts to restrain it. X-Corporation... The X-Corporation (X-Corp) is a fictional institution appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, commonly in association with the X-Men comics. This organization was created to ensure the protection of mutant rights throughout the world due to the increasing number of mutants and widespread bigotry and hate crimes against them. Twitter Isn’t a Company Anymore... In a court filing on Tuesday, April 4, Twitter Inc. quietly revealed a major development: It no longer exists. The company is currently being sued by right-wing provocateur Laura Loomer, who accused it of violating federal racketeering laws when it banned her account in 2019. Loomer has a Twitter account again, and her absurd lawsuit is bound to fail—but until it does, Twitter, as a defendant, must continue to submit corporate disclosure statements to the court. And so, in its most recent filing, the company provided notice that “Twitter, Inc. has been merged into X Corp. and no longer exists.” As the “successor in interest” to Twitter Inc.—that is, the survivor of the merger—X Corp. is now the defendant in Loomer’s suit. Its parent corporation is identified as X Holdings Corp. Retrospective: Elon Musk Buys Back X.com From PayPal... Musk stopped being CEO of PayPal in 2000 and later received $165 million for his shares in 2002 when eBay acquired PayPal. During this time, Musk also lost ownership of the X.com domain. However, DomainInvesting.com(Opens in a new window) discovered PayPal agreed to sell the domain back to Musk this month, a transaction Musk confirmed yesterday in a tweet. Twitter 'no longer exists' as company officially merges with X Corp... Journalist Laura Loomer, who is suing Twitter among other social media companies, posted a photo of a legal filing amid a series of tweets Monday that showed Twitter has merged into X Corp., which is a privately held company under X Holdings Company. Both are owned by Elon Musk, who still runs the daily operations of the social media platform Twitter. Musk has not publicly revealed the change, although he has kept a public pattern with the letter X, including the name of his child, a website he owned — X.com, before he co-founded PayPal — and the current names of his companies and products: SpaceX, and Tesla Model X. Early Tuesday morning, Musk cryptically tweeted "X," as reports of the change trended on the platform.
  • Dalai Lama too?
    @shadowofezra: Child sex traffickers. Kids are not safe around this man, if he can do this in public it makes me wonder what he can do behind the curtains 🚮 The Dalai Lama Apologizes for Asking Boy to 'Suck My Tongue' in Viral Video... The Dalai Lama apologized Monday morning after a video of him kissing a child on the lips and asking him to suck his tongue went viral on social media. The Tibetan Buddhist spiritual leader expressed his apologies to the boy and his family, “as well as his many friends across the world, for the hurt his words may have caused,” according to a statement by his office. Joe must be good friends with the Dalai Lama
  • April New Moon and May 15th eclipse
    Aries April 2023 New Moon - Prepare For a Super Charged Solar Eclipse!... This Aries April 2023 New Moon is a time for big changes. Get ready for a total solar eclipse in april 2023 of extraordinary power! This is a significant moment in your life, and you should prepare for it by paying attention to your intuition and embracing change. intuition is a powerful tool, and you should use it to guide your decisions in this period. Total Solar Eclipse, Blood MOON May 15th - The Countdown Has Started!... Are you ready for the Total Solar Eclipse and the amazing Blood Moon on May 15th? The countdown has already started, and there's no stopping now, we'll show you everything you need to know about the Total Solar Eclipse and the Blood Moon, We'll also provide tips on how to prepare for the big day, If you're looking to experience the Total Solar Eclipse and the amazing Blood Moon to the fullest, then you need to make sure you have the right gear!
  • What was in the classified documents that Trump and Biden had?
    Gang of Eight is getting classified docs from Trump, Biden, Pence homes... The Biden administration has started giving the congressional “Gang of Eight” access to the classified documents that were recovered from the homes of former President Donald Trump, President Joe Biden and former Vice President Mike Pence, according to sources familiar with the matter. This is a major victory for Congress and, more broadly, a validation of lawmakers’ role as overseers of the U.S. intelligence community.
  • It's just a movie...
  • The great escape from the Cities
    Los Angeles, Chicago and New York counties top the list for population decline in 2022 - while residents flock to Arizona, Texas and Florida... Last year the counties home to LA, Chicago and New York City suffered the largest exodus of people in the country - while tens of thousands flocked to counties in Arizona, Texas and Florida. Los Angeles County, which is still the most populous county in the US, saw an average of 143,000 people leave between July 2021 and July 2022, according to the latest US Census data. It was followed by Cook County, home to Chicago, which lost around 94,000 people to other parts of the country. Three of New York City's counties - Kings, Queens and Bronx - were all among the top five counties facing a mass migration.
  • Act blue... A sophisticated money laundering operation using innocent democrats to cover up their financial crimes?
    Money laundering through political donations
  • Vitamin K shot
    Let’s start with the vitamin K used in the shot itself. Is it a natural form of vitamin K such as would be found in leafy greens (K1) or butter (K2)? No, it is a synthetic vitamin K, generic name phytonadione. Synthetic vitamins should be avoided as they can cause imbalances in the body and have unintended consequences. For example, synthetic vitamin A actually causes the type of birth defects that natural vitamin A prevents! VITAMIN K injections given to infants within minutes of birth contain benzyl alcohol and Polysorbate 80, which target the liver (causing jaundice), and open up the blood brain barrier (exposing the central nervous system to viruses, bacteria, and toxins). How much synthetic vitamin K is in the shot? Shockingly, the national standard mandated by most states for US hospitals to administer is over 100 times the infant’s RDA of this nutrient. Since studies have linked large doses of vitamin K with childhood cancers and leukemia. The fact is that medical science still does not know that much about the metabolic fate of vitamin K. Little to no unmetabolized vitamin K shows up in urine or bile. This is disturbing given the fact that vitamin K is a fat soluble vitamin and therefore has the potential to accumulate in body tissues. More disturbing is that the liver of a newborn does not begin to function until 3 or 4 days after birth. As a result, this little being has very limited to no ability to detoxify the large dose of synthetic vitamin K and all other the dangerous ingredients in the injection cocktail. Both of which are neurotoxic! The manufacturer’s insert included with the shot includes the following warning: "Severe reactions, including fatalities, have occurred during and immediately after intravenous injection of phytonadione [synthetic Vitamin K] even when precautions have been taken to dilute the vitamin and avoid rapid infusion" The manufacturer’s insert is no exaggeration of the risks.
  • Stop the next pandemic...
    TLS UPDATE 4/4/23: The next global outbreak is here... & we can stop it!... Avian flu is here and is being weaponized through gain of function research. It has already been released into the wild. They plan to introduce it into the human population. Consider staying away from poultry.
  • Gun sales, gun laws, shootings, and mass murder...
    Louisville mayor cites own targeting by BLM activist after bank shooting, demands 'end gun violence epidemic'... The mayor of Louisville, Kentucky, referenced his own assassination attempt by a BLM activist at his campaign headquarters last year Tuesday in pleading for immediate action to end the "gun violence epidemic" in the wake of a shooting authorities say was carried out by a bank employee downtown this week that left five victims dead and eight others injured.
  • Everything COVID...
    US Pandemic Emergency ends May 11th, 2023
    Mandates, Quarantine, Passports, Discrimination, Boosters, Tests, Protests, Censorship, Lockdowns, Masks, Fines, Incentives and Lawsuits
    CDC COVID data tracker... Here Are All The States That Have Banned School Vaccine Mandates... As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) adds COVID-19 vaccines to its routine immunization schedule for children and adults, at least 20 states have passed legislation or issued rules barring vaccine mandates to attend school.
    "Operation Warp Speed was run not by HHS, but by the National Security Agency...why is that??" Reverse-transcribed SARS-CoV-2 RNA can integrate into the genome of cultured human cells and can be expressed in patient-derived tissues... An unresolved issue of SARS-CoV-2 disease is that patients often remain positive for viral RNA as detected by PCR many weeks after the initial infection in the absence of evidence for viral replication. We show here that SARS-CoV-2 RNA can be reverse-transcribed and integrated into the genome of the infected cell and be expressed as chimeric transcripts fusing viral with cellular sequences. Importantly, such chimeric transcripts are detected in patient-derived tissues. Our data suggest that, in some patient tissues, the majority of all viral transcripts are derived from integrated sequences. Our data provide an insight into the consequence of SARS-CoV-2 infections that may help to explain why patients can continue to produce viral RNA after recovery. SARS-CoV-2 RNA reverse-transcribed and integrated into the human genome ... Prolonged SARS-CoV-2 RNA shedding and recurrence of PCR-positive tests have been widely reported in patients after recovery, yet these patients most commonly are non-infectious. Here we investigated the possibility that SARS-CoV-2 RNAs can be reverse-transcribed and integrated into the human genome and that transcription of the integrated sequences might account for PCR-positive tests. In support of this hypothesis, we found chimeric transcripts consisting of viral fused to cellular sequences in published data sets of SARS-CoV-2 infected cultured cells and primary cells of patients, consistent with the transcription of viral sequences integrated into the genome. To experimentally corroborate the possibility of viral retro-integration, we describe evidence that SARS-CoV-2 RNAs can be reverse transcribed in human cells by reverse transcriptase (RT) from LINE-1 elements or by HIV-1 RT, and that these DNA sequences can be integrated into the cell genome and subsequently be transcribed. Human endogenous LINE-1 expression was induced upon SARS-CoV-2 infection or by cytokine exposure in cultured cells, suggesting a molecular mechanism for SARS-CoV-2 retro-integration in patients. This novel feature of SARS-CoV-2 infection may explain why patients can continue to produce viral RNA after recovery and suggests a new aspect of RNA virus replication. Poison Control Warns Against Ingesting At-home COVID Test Liquid... You can now order a second round of free at-home COVID-19 tests from the government, but make sure you read the directions correctly and store them out of reach from children. Poison control centers are warning against ingesting a chemical inside some testing kits. According to Poison Control, at-home test kits typically contain a nasal swab, an extraction vial (small tube of liquid), and a testing card. Once biological material from the nasal swab comes into contact with the fluid in the vial, it generates a positive or negative test result. Further evidence supports controversial claim that SARS-CoV-2 genes can integrate with human DNA... After being challenged, research team provides more data to back its controversial hypothesis but the relevance to human health is unclear Sequencing of bivalent Moderna and Pfizer mRNA vaccines reveals nanogram to microgram quantities of expression vector dsDNA per dose... Several methods were deployed to assess the nucleic acid composition of four expired vials of the Moderna and Pfizer bivalent mRNA vaccines. Two vials from each vendor were evaluated with Illumina sequencing, qPCR, RT-qPCR, Qubit™ 3 fluorometry and Agilent Tape Station™ electrophoresis. Multiple assays support DNA contamination that exceeds the European Medicines Agency (EMA) 330ng/mg requirement and the FDAs 10ng/dose requirements. These data may impact the surveillance of vaccine mRNA in breast milk or plasma as RT-qPCR assays targeting the vaccine mRNA cannot discern DNA from RNA without RNase or DNase nuclease treatments. Likewise, studies evaluating the reverse transcriptase activity of LINE-1 and vaccine mRNA will need to account for the high levels of DNA contamination in the vaccines. The exact ratio of linear fragmented DNA versus intact circular plasmid DNA is still being investigated. Quantitative PCR assays used to track the DNA contamination are described. Dr. Arne Burkhardt shows a medical slideshow of two individuals that confirmed spike proteins replacing sperm entirely or almost entirely in the testes. World's first unvaccinated platform... Dating. Friendship. More... Unjected was created by two moms in Hawaii during the height of the COVID-19 injection rollout in the Spring of 2021. Unjected is a multi-faceted platform of health conscious, COVID-19 unvaccinated humans who believe in medical freedom, freedom of choice, freedom of speech and bodily autonomy. After a massive and slanderous smear campaign in the mainstream media, Unjected has now grown to over 110,000 members in 85 different countries around the world, with new people joining every day! We seek to provide a platform for our community to pursue love, friendships, community and business connections. Unjected even offers Blood Directories & Fertility Directories that allow people to find donors that are free from experimental/synthetic mRNA injections, with the hopes of protecting the integrity of the control group population. Militarized Healthcare with Sasha Latypova... The military's role in healthcare historically and currently is discussed by Sasha Latypova and RFK Jr. Biden Admin Launches $5 Billion Effort to Develop New COVID-19 Vaccines, Therapies... The Biden administration is launching an initiative in excess of $5 billion to speed up the development of new vaccines and treatments for COVID-19 and other coronaviruses that could pose a future threat. The news comes the same day that President Joe Biden signed a measure to end the COVID-19 national emergency. Surprise! The COVID Vaccines Were Never Tested for Safety... There were 31.2% higher deaths in the “gold standard” Pfizer Phase 3 clinical trials. There is only one way to know whether or not the vaccine caused any of the deaths in the 21 vaccinated patients who died: proper histopathology. Pfizer never did it and the FDA never asked for it. This was the biggest mistake in the pandemic and nobody has acknowledged that or lifted a finger to correct it (as I point out below). Had they done the proper testing on the 21 deaths, the vaccine would never have been approved. Rational harm-benefit assessments by age group are required for continued COVID-19 vaccination... Dr. Gül and Dr. Öztürk accuse the letter by Dr. Polykretis of being ‘misinforming’ and of containing some ‘basic errors’, arguing on the definitions of genetic vaccines and autoimmunity Biden ends COVID national emergency after Congress acts... The U.S. national emergency to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic ended Monday as President Joe Biden signed a bipartisan congressional resolution to bring it to a close after three years — weeks before it was set to expire alongside a separate public health emergency. The national emergency allowed the government to take sweeping steps to respond to the virus and support the country's economic, health and welfare systems. Some of the emergency measures have already been successfully wound-down, while others are still being phased out. The public health emergency — it underpins tough immigration restrictions at the U.S.-Mexico border — is set to expire on May 11. Flash forward to 2023 and Biden officially ended the emergency on none other than April 10th. The day after Easter. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but it sounds like we are looking at something other than a coincidence. New Medical Codes for COVID-19 Vaccination Status Used to Track People, CDC Confirms... Medical codes introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic to show when people are unvaccinated or undervaccinated for COVID-19 are being used to track people, the top U.S. public health agency has confirmed. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) made the confirmation in emails that The Epoch Times obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request. The CDC had said in documents and public statements that the goal of the new codes, in the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) system, was “to track people who are not immunized or only partially immunized.”
    Healing from the Spike Protein
    Salt pipe with a few drops of 15% lugols iodine works a treat too! 2.5ml iodine to one bottle of saline. 4 times a day for 3 days at onset. Once daily for a week after. I use it any time I feel crud coming on. Hydrogen peroxide diluted with water. In a nasal spray. The body naturally produces hydrogen peroxide in the lungs and elsewhere, but a little more can be helpful when viruses are around. 1.) Ivermectin - Binds tightly to spike protein. It can prevent the virus from entering the cells, and it can prevent the virus from replicating. 2.) Suramin - Like ivermectin, it prevents spike protein from binding to ACE2 receptors. 3.) NAC - Powerful antioxidant. Reduces the damage that happens after toxicity and has been shown to be able to restore damaged cells back to their normal state. 4.) Catechin and Kurkumin - They have potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Spike Protein Detox Guide... This is an evolving guide with emerging information on how to clear viral and vaccine-induced spike proteins from the body. The lists of herbal and other medicines and supplements have been compiled in a collaboration between international doctors, scientists, and holistic medical practitioners. New Information from Japan Finds That Nattokinase Degrades or Dissolves the Harmful Spike Protein. It's also a natural anti-fibrinolytic agent for blood clots. Nattokinase is featured in @twc_health's formula for those concerned about spike proteins. Degradative Effect of Nattokinase on Spike Protein of SARS-CoV-2... The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), caused by the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), emerged as a pandemic and has inflicted enormous damage on the lives of the people and economy of many countries worldwide. However, therapeutic agents against SARS-CoV-2 remain unclear. SARS-CoV-2 has a spike protein (S protein), and cleavage of the S protein is essential for viral entry. Nattokinase is produced by Bacillus subtilis var. natto and is beneficial to human health. In this study, we examined the effect of nattokinase on the S protein of SARS-CoV-2. When cell lysates transfected with S protein were incubated with nattokinase, the S protein was degraded in a dose- and time-dependent manner. Immunofluorescence analysis showed that S protein on the cell surface was degraded when nattokinase was added to the culture medium. Thus, our findings suggest that nattokinase exhibits potential for the inhibition of SARS-CoV-2 infection via S protein degradation.
  • The Financial Crisis continues...
    FedNow will control all payment transactions in July... You better hope you're not on their naughty list.
    Bank of America clients withdraw $2.3B from US securities... Bank of America clients sold around $2.3 billion in U.S. equities last week, according to a note from bank strategist Jill Carey Hall on Tuesday. Texas’ gold-backed digital currency project: Law Decoded, April 3–10... The topic of central bank digital currencies is in the crossfire of United States politicians, with figures like Ron DeSantis and Ted Cruz trying to prevent them from existing. But what about a statewide digital currency? The first of its kind, a gold-backed state-based digital currency project has appeared in Texas. On the same day, two Texan lawmakers introduced identical bills for creating a state-based digital currency backed by gold. Each unit of the digital currency would represent a particular fraction of a troy ounce of gold held in trust, according to the bills. Once a person purchases a certain amount of digital currency, the comptroller uses that money received to buy an equivalent amount of gold. Although neither of the bills has been passed or presented for a vote, both state that the act will take effect from Sept. 1, 2023. Meanwhile, another bill has been passed by a senate committee in Texas. The bill would largely remove incentives for miners operating under the state’s regulatory environment. Under the bill, crypto firms participating in a program intended to compensate them for load reductions on Texas’ power grid would be capped for anticipated demand of “less than 10 percent of the total load required by all loads in the program.” Certain crypto mining companies would also not receive a reduction on state taxes for participation in the program starting in September 2023. Iran to Reduce U.S. Dollar’s Influence on Regional, Int’l Trade... The global economy is currently witnessing the de-dollarization phenomenon bloom. Over the past few weeks, several nations have steered away from the U.S. dollar. Iran is now the latest one to jump onto the bandwagon. The Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, Ali Shamkhani, recently said that reducing the influence of the U.S. dollar on regional and international trade will minimize the dominance of the West over the global economy. Three Congressmen Introduce Gold Standard Bill to Stabilize the Dollar's Value... As America faces the twin threats of inflation and bank failures, three U.S. congressmen introduced a pivotal sound money bill that would enable the Federal Reserve note “dollar” to regain stable footing for the first time in more than half a century. Rep. Alex Mooney (R-WV) - joined by Reps. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) and Paul Gosar (R-AZ) - introduced H.R. 2435, the “Gold Standard Restoration Act,” to facilitate the repegging of the volatile Federal Reserve note to a fixed weight of gold bullion. Upon passage of H.R. 2435, the U.S. Treasury and the Federal Reserve are given 24 months to publicly disclose all gold holdings and gold transactions, after which time the Federal Reserve note “dollar” would be formally repegged to a fixed weight of gold at its then-market price. Federal Reserve notes would become fully redeemable for and exchangeable with gold at the new price, with the U.S. Treasury and its gold reserves backstopping Federal Reserve Banks as guarantor. While cash transactions are anonymous, a #CBDC will allow the government to surveil all our private financial affairs. The central bank will have the power to enforce dollar limits on our transactions restricting where you can send money, where you can spend it, and when money expires. A CBDC tied to digital ID and social credit score will allow the government to freeze your assets or limit your spending to approved vendors if you fail to comply with arbitrary diktats, i.e. vaccine mandates. The Fed will initially limit its CBDC to interbank transactions but we should not be blind to the obvious danger that this is the first step in banning and seizing bitcoin as the Treasury did with gold 90 years ago today in 1933. Watch as governments, which never let a good crisis go to waste, use Covid-19 and the banking crisis to usher in a new wave of CBDCs as a safe haven from germ-laden paper currencies or as protection against bank runs.
  • Everything Biden... Itchy mask...
    Joe must be good friends with the Dalai Lama Child sex-trafficking victim says she was raped by Biden and Obama, and is able to prove it. ... Leonardo DiCaprio testifies that CCP-linked Malaysian financier, now a fugitive, sent $30 million to Obama during 2012 campaign... Movie star Leonardo DiCaprio took the stand in a federal trial on Monday that seeks to hammer down the details of what appears to be a money-funneling scheme that features a Malaysian financier funneling tens of millions of dollars through a prominent 90s rap artist for the purpose of donating to former President Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign. DiCaprio plays into the saga because he was said to have partied with Jho Low, a Malaysian financier who apparently suggested to DiCaprio once during a conversation that he intended to contribute to Obama’s presidential campaign, according to the New York Post.
  • Durham... Viper Strike Phase VII
    4-12-2023: Special Counsel, John "The Punisher" Durham | Goking Smun... Special Counsel, John "The Punisher" Durham | Hidden Gem... Viper Strike phase VII Durham bombshell: Prosecutor unveils smoking gun FBI text message, 'joint venture' to smear Trump... Special Counsel John Durham revealed he has unearthed a text message showing Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann falsely told the FBI he was not working on behalf of any client when he delivered anti-Trump research.
  • How to reject the Great Reset
    ▪️Reject vaccinations, CO2 passports, digital IDs and currencies, and any other forms of government overreach. ▪️Speak up and express your opinion. Don't comply with oppressive measures. ▪️Exercise regularly and prioritize physical health. ▪️Learn one new hard skill per week or month to expand your knowledge and abilities. ▪️Consider having more than two children, if that's what you desire; Bill Gates hates that trick! ▪️Eat pasture-raised meat and feed bugs to the chickens instead of eating them. ▪️Limit sugar intake to 8g per day to break addiction. ▪️Consume alternative and objective media and learn to read and interpret scientific studies. ▪️Drive a robust car without too many electronics to avoid over-reliance on technology. ▪️Strive for self-sufficiency when it comes to water, food, and electricity. ▪️Own land and practice agroforestry and permaculture to improve soil and food quality. ▪️Protect your privacy with tools like Linux and CalyxOS. ▪️Use cash and avoid bonus programs to maintain financial independence. ▪️Consider homeschooling to avoid having your children brainwashed by public schools. ▪️Connect with like-minded people to build a supportive community. ▪️Take responsibility for your own health and well-being. ▪️Turn off your TV and limit time on social media. ▪️Buy local products from farmers' markets and boycott corporations like Nestlé, PepsiCo, Unilever, and Kraft. ▪️Don't take biking too seriously; the occasional plane ride won't destroy the planet. ▪️Practice spirituality in any positive form that resonates with you. ▪️Reduce usage of Google and other data-leeching platforms. ▪️Invest in gold, crypto, land, or other alternative assets to diversify your financial portfolio. ▪️Support unbiased scientists and politicians who have the courage to speak out. ▪️Ditch the mask and smile at people to spread positivity. ▪️Live with dignity and respect for yourself and others. ▪️Share this post with others who are looking to reject 'The Great Reset' and take control of their lives. ▪️Profit from the benefits of living an independent and empowered life! ▪️Follow me (@goddeketal) for more insights.
  • Twitter takes on the legacy media... #TWITTERGATE... #TWITTERFILES...
    Big mistake, BBC. Watch @elonmusk end this reporters career in 27 seconds flat. This is what instant regret looks like: Twitter 'no longer exists' as company officially merges with X Corp... Journalist Laura Loomer, who is suing Twitter among other social media companies, posted a photo of a legal filing amid a series of tweets Monday that showed Twitter has merged into X Corp., which is a privately held company under X Holdings Company. Both are owned by Elon Musk, who still runs the daily operations of the social media platform Twitter. Musk has not publicly revealed the change, although he has kept a public pattern with the letter X, including the name of his child, a website he owned — X.com, before he co-founded PayPal — and the current names of his companies and products: SpaceX, and Tesla Model X. Early Tuesday morning, Musk cryptically tweeted "X," as reports of the change trended on the platform.
  • 💥War Moves - Updates (from all sides) 💥
    Multinational Exercise Defender 23 Kicks Off This Month in Europe ... "This annual, nearly two-month long exercise is focused on the strategic deployment of U.S.-based forces, employment of Army pre-positioned stocks and interoperability with European allies and partners," said Sabrina Singh, during a briefing today at the Pentagon. The Defender 23 exercise is led by U.S. Army Europe and Africa and has been planned since 2021. The exercise is designed to demonstrate the U.S. military's ability to rapidly deploy combat-credible troops and equipment to assure allies, deter those who would threaten the peace of Europe and defend the continent from aggression. The exercise also demonstrates the commitment of European nations to increase the scale, capability and interoperability of their own militaries. "Approximately 9,000 U.S. troops and about 17,000 troops from 26 allied and partner nations will participate and portions of the exercise will stretch across 10 different European countries," Singh said. Analyzing the U.S. and NATO Presence in Ukraine – After Leaked Document Surfaces from Department of Defense... Another document was leaked on Tuesday from the Department of Defense. This latest release lists the number of NATO forces currently inside Ukraine including US special forces. This document, based on what you see, appears to be Unclassified. If there is a classification marking in the upper right hand corner, it is obscured. As you can see, it primarily provides a summary of the Composition & Disposition of the U.S. forces — air, maritime and soldiers — in the European theater. There are 92,000 U.S. military personnel in the European AOR (i.e., Aera of Operations), but they are not in Ukraine. Top secret Pentagon documents claiming 50 British special forces are operating inside Ukraine were leaked on obscure online meme group run by 20-year-old university student who lives in UK... A major leak of top secret Pentagon documents that has shaken Washington and aired disputed claims British special forces are operating in Ukraine was shared on an obscure online meme group run by a 20-year-old university student living in the UK. The trove of information was shared on a part of the messaging app Discord operated by self-professed 'micro celebrity' calling himself wow_mao. Afterwards, he posted a video discussing the fallout onto YouTube and told a journalist it was 'hilarious'. He said a moderator on his Discord chat group called the End of Wow Mao Zone 'shared 30 plus leaked documents concerning the Russia-Ukraine war' on March 1 and one month later he was unwittingly at the centre of the scandal. In an interview with the New York Times, wow_mao said he spent 'little time' on the Discord server and mostly focused on his YouTube channel where he has about 250,000 subscribers. Ukraine war: Leak shows Western special forces on the ground... It confirms what has been the subject of quiet speculation for over a year. The leaked files, some marked "top secret", paint a detailed picture of the war in Ukraine, including sensitive details of Ukraine's preparations for a spring counter-offensive. The US government says it is investigating the source of the leak. Compare the dates/timestamps of the information from my telegram channel to what the mainstream media is saying today. Map shows multiple Taiwanese and Chinese warships face-off around Taiwan... A Vietnamese military analyst on Tuesday (April 11) posted a map containing satellite images showing at least 11 Taiwanese and Chinese warships involved in five possible encounters at the edge of Taiwan's contiguous zone. On Sunday (April 9), Reuters cited a security source as saying that 20 military vessels, half Taiwanese and half Chinese were involved in a "stand-off" close to the Taiwan Strait median line. According to the source, the warships “did not behave provocatively.” Russia Jamming American GPS Satellite Signals Used By Ukraine... According to a top general in the U.S. Space Force, Russia has taken to using space weapons in its war against Ukraine. Russian forces have been jamming GPS signals from American satellites that are used by Ukrainian troops. Despite jamming signals from the satellites, Moscow has not yet attempted to destroy any of them, and one expert believes it's because Russia's space capabilities are not yet completely developed and would not survive a conflict with a major world power. Gen. B. Chance Saltzman, Chief of Space Operations for the U.S. Space Force, has confirmed that Russia has Earth-based lasers capable of attacking satellites along with electronic jamming equipment and anti-satellite missiles. Russia boasted of deal with UAE, Egypt had plans to supply Putin with arms: latest revelations from the bombshell US intel leak... U.S. spies caught Russia boasting of a new alliance with oil-rich United Arab Emirates, according to purported Pentagon documents released in a wide-ranging leak. Russian intelligence officers had said they had convinced the UAE 'to work together against US and UK intelligence agencies,' according to documents viewed by the Associated Press. The Emirati government on Monday dismissed any accusation that the UAE had deepened ties with Russian intelligence as 'categorically false.' But the report comes at a time of concerns that the U.S. is ceding influence in the Middle East to adversaries like China and Russia. Just last month China brokered a surprise peace deal with Saudi Arabia and Iran. Other leaked documents revealed U.S. ally Egypt was prepping to ship arms to Russia. Egypt, one of the U.S.'s closest allies and a recipient of close to $100 billion in U.S. aid over the last 50 years, recently ordered around 40,000 rockets to be secretly shipped to Russia. Leaked documents expose US-NATO Ukraine war plans... Classified Pentagon documents containing information about US and NATO plans for a Ukrainian offensive and key details of the ongoing war have leaked. And the Biden administration is reportedly demanding they be scrubbed from the internet. Is there a hidden agenda behind the leak? The New York Times has reported “a significant breach of American intelligence in the effort to aid Ukraine” through the leak of classified documents which have been shared on social media. It correspondents cited “senior Biden administration officials” who apparently tipped the outlet off to the story. Documents circulating on Telegram which closely resemble those referred to by the Times are reproduced at the end of this article.
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