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February 5th, 2024
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  • The Financial Shift continues...
    De-dollarization and more banks to fail...
    FDIC Failed Bank List...
    WTF Happened In 1971?... Coffee with MarkZ, joined by Andy Schectman. 01/31/2024 ... 37 minutes in discussing gold and more Do you know what this means for Hedge Funds & Big Banks? Do you know what this means for your new economy? Do you know what this means for the 1871 US Corp? Do you know what this means for the Rothschilds banking system? Do you know what this means for the fiat USD? Do you know what this means for warmongering aristocrats? Do you know what this means for the Federal Reserve? Do you know what this means for the IRS? Do you know what this means for the new Republic? Do you now understand what I told you when your freedom starts with the collapse of the fiat dollar? Do you now understand why Iraq had been waiting to release the new exchange rate? This comes after the bank reported a Q4 loss of $260 million while a gain of $250 million was expected. The bank also reduced their dividend by 70% "to meet regulatory requirements." The stock just hit its lowest level since August 2000. My advice: Stay calm, but get your affairs in order. Informed sources hint at potential market turbulence. Not here to spread fear, just urging preparedness. Several concurrent events could lead to market shifts. Time may be running short. Remember, 'For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.' - Jeremiah 29:11 🙏✨ The Fed Proposes a 4th Function of Money: Means of Social Control... The Federal Reserve Board announced that the Federal Reserve Banks will develop a new round-the-clock real-time payment and settlement service, called the FedNowsm Service, to support faster payments in the United States. Fed to allow emergency bank lending program to expire on March 11... Jan 24 (Reuters) - The Federal Reserve on Wednesday said a funding lifeline created for banks last year after the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank threatened to spark a wider financial crisis would close as scheduled in March. The Fed also raised the interest rate on new loans from the Bank Term Funding Program (BTFP) for the remainder of its life, effectively ending what had become a popular and profitable arbitrage opportunity for U.S. lenders, which analysts said should deter fresh borrowing. Treasury yields have tumbled, but US debt is still ballooning. Here are 5 charts that show how severe the outlook is.... Despite the recent plunge in US Treasury yields, fiscal problems remain, Apollo's chief economist warned. Trillion-dollar federal deficits will be around "as far as the eye can see," he wrote. Here are five charts that illustrate how severe the US debt outlook is.
  • 💥War Moves - Updates (from all sides)... 💥
    Special Operations - the realized JFK vision... Israel Begins Flooding Hamas’ Tunnels in Gaza With Seawater: Report... Israel has started pumping water from the Mediterranean Sea into Hamas’ underground tunnel system in Gaza, The Wall Street Journal reported Monday, citing U.S. officials briefed on the matter. The flooding began sometime last month, according to the Journal. Two U.S. officials confirmed the report to ABC News, but cautioned that only some of the tunnels were being flooded, with the IDF looking to compare the tactic’s effectiveness to other strategies, which have previously included airstrikes and the use of explosives, drones, and robots. Herzi Halevi, the IDF’s chief of staff, said last week that flooding the tunnels was “a good idea, but I won’t comment on its specifics,” according to The Times of Israel. A spokesperson for the Israeli defense minister declined to comment to the Journal on Monday, saying that tunnel operations were classified.
  • Everything Biden... Whistleblowers accuse Joe and Hunter Biden of money laundering, human trafficking, and more...
    Biden Laptop Photos Website...
  • Everything Trump...
    VIDEO - POTUS and introducing evidence... 13818 ● Confiscated private and corporate assets. ● Seized the NYSE ● Blocking the property of those involved in serious human rights abuses or corruption. Human Trafficking 13848 ● 13848 imposes certain sanctions in the event of foreign interference in any of the United States. 13959 ● Maintain American leadership in artificial intelligence Khazarian assets confiscated. ● Among the top 3 executive orders - many DS assets were confiscated and DS Agents reversed. ○ 13818, 13848 and 13959 ● The Space Force has EVERYTHING under control! ● DS money will be used up quickly. ● All DS gold has already been confiscated (Vatican etc.) ● Wall Street, Washington DC, Vatican and City of London - all dead. ● OPERATION: DEFEND EUROPE. This started March 17th 2020 and takes over the Vatican, it's the mafia and it's seizing all the Rothschilds central banks. ● Brexit has severed the Vatican's ropes and stripped the Royals of all assets. ● We're going to Tesla and metals instead of oil and gas. GESARA – Global Economic Security and Reform Act. ● It should be implemented on 10/11/2001. Stopped by the Khazarian false flag event on 9/11. ● Elimination of the national debt of all nations of the world ● No taxes. Only a fixed sales tax of around 15% on new goods. ● Waiving of mortgages and other bank departments due to illegal government activities. ● Back to constitutional law - get rid of the corrupt law of the sea. ● Newly elected leaders - only 10% of current governments. ● World peace for 1,000 years ● Eliminate all current and future nuclear weapons on planet earth. ● Gold Standard! ● Introduction of new hidden technologies - 6,000 Tesla patents. Free energy. ● Build and rebuild in all countries at 1950s prices. ● The power back to We The People. Global distribution of wealth. ● Odin project = World EBS (Emergency Broadcast System) Suspicious minds! Trump claims he looks like ELVIS PRESLEY saying 'for many years people have been saying we look alike' - but his followers aren't convinced... The comparison came in a duo of posts to the ex-president's Instagram and Truth Social accounts, where he asked more than 30million onlookers if they agreed An accompanying photo showed the two influential figures' faces melded to form one visage, six years after he offered the comparison to a crowd in 2018 The photoshop quickly caused an uproar online, and even a comment from Joe Biden - who simply called his second faceoff with the GOP frontrunner 'weird' If you don't understand that Trump has been screaming Gesara from Jump Street, day one, you simply missing this whole thing!!!!, ... We are burning down the old system and we're never going back, you have ZERO choice but to switch over to Qfs VIDEO compilation about Trump's next moves if he becomes president again... Media warns if Trump wins next election, the world will come to an end. He will assassinate generals, shoot visitors at the White House, kill the First Lady, Suspend the Constitution, kill democracy, destroy the justice department.
  • Politics - Election Integrity
    List of Executive Orders...
    A Capitol Hill intern reveals how members of Congress are coerced to vote a certain way through blackmail and extortion after affairs & sex parties: “Cawthorn wasn’t lying neither” O’Keefe Media Group founder James O’Keefe has discovered that nothing is as it seems when it comes to Congress Members’ voting patterns, the staffers they hire, or their activity outside of Congress. Meet Titus Warren, a Democrat working for Republicans in Congress. These Republicans do not care about Warren’s political views or the potential of him tipping off the other side. In fact, Titus states that he “loves” Nancy Pelosi and believes that Donald Trump “needs to die.” more... Governor? Senator? Vice President? You can not seem to make up your mind. I wonder why that is? You worked in CIA liberal media for decades. I mean your aspirations are pretty big from coming from a newscaster job. You worked at Fox 10/CIA for 22 years. Which is owned by James H. Gray Communications which owns 180 stations across the US in 113 markets. Sounds like a monopoly on the free flow of info. Because this same station made sure info about Barrack Obama administration remained buried. Out if all of the stations it owns none were allowed to do any independent journalism about the P*dos, human trafficking, drug cartels, biolabs in Ukraine, CPS Kidnapping of children etc. Which ofcourse you had no problem with because you had a nice cozy job on television for two decades+. All of the subsidiary networks owned by Gray Communications. more... Georgia House votes to require watermarks on election ballots... Georgia voters could see a watermark on their ballot beginning in November, a move Republican supporters said would assure citizens that their ballots are authentic. The House on Wednesday voted 167-1 for House Bill 976, sending it to the Senate for more debate. “It will bring more confidence from our people who vote, and it’s something we need to restore.” said Rep. Steve Tarvin, a Chickamauga Republican.
  • The Spotlight: Odd Events, Change in Leadership, Public Embarrassment, Resignations, Arrests, COVID+, and Notable Deaths...
    Resignation.info... Notable Resignations Worldwide
    Arizona Republican chair Jeff DeWit RESIGNS over bombshell audio bribing Kari Lake to stay out of office... Jeff DeWit resigned as the chair of the Arizona Republican Party Wednesday, 24 hours after DailyMail.com published leaked audio of him offering Kari Lake a plum job or money to step out of politics. In the tape, he can be heard explaining that powerful people would offer her a job or money if she sits out of politics for two years. In his resignation statement he accused Lake of setting him up by recording a private conversation.
  • Solar Storms, Space Mayhem, and Planetary Anomalies
    Solar flares live...
  • UFOs, ANTARCTICA, Hollow Earth, Super Earth, Flat Earth, ETs... And more...
  • J6 revisited
    Speaker Johnson Announces Public Release of January 6 Footage... The GOP-led House began on Friday to release tens of thousands of hours of video footage from January 6, 2021 — the day of the U.S. Capitol breach — to the public. All January 6th Tapes RELEASED: Cops Open Doors, High-5 Peaceful Protesters | The Big Lie EXPOSED🚨... Committee on House Administration Access to USCP Video From January 6, 2021... House speaker says Jan. 6 security footage is being posted online for public access... WASHINGTON — A Republican-led House committee on Friday began posting internal video from the Jan. 6 riot to a public website, with House Speaker Mike Johnson vowing to make the footage "available to all Americans." “Today, we will begin immediately posting video on a public website and move as quickly as possible to add to the website nearly all of the footage, more than 40,000 hours," Johnson, R-La., said in a statement. “This decision will provide millions of Americans, criminal defendants, public interest organizations, and the media an ability to see for themselves what happened that day, rather than having to rely upon the interpretation of a small group of government officials," he said, adding that requests for access to specific videos can also be made through the House Administration Committee. The panel began by posting 90 hours of security video that had already been released to media outlets. Rep. Joe Morelle, the top Democrat on the House Administration Committee, blasted Friday's release of the footage. “It is unconscionable that one of Speaker Johnson’s first official acts as steward of the institution is to endanger his colleagues, staff, visitors, and our country by allowing virtually unfettered access to sensitive Capitol security footage," Morelle said in a statement. "That he is doing so over the strenuous objections of the security professionals within the Capitol Police is outrageous." Capitol Police declined to comment. VIDEO GOP Rep. Higgins asks FBI Director Wray POINT-BLANK if FBI sent "ghost busses" filled with FBI informants dressed as Trump supporters to the Capitol on J6th— Watch as Democrats rush to cut off his mic...... Judicial Watch: U.S. Capitol Police Federal Court Filing Reveals Officials Were Aware of the Potential for a Significant Disturbance on January 6... Judicial Watch announced today that it received the court-ordered declaration of James W. Joyce, senior counsel in the Office of the General Counsel for the Capitol Police, in which he describes emails among senior officials of the United States Capitol Police (USCP) in January 2021 that show warnings of possible January 6 protests that could lead to serious disruptions at the U.S. Capitol. The declaration comes in a lawsuit Judicial Watch brought under the common law right of access to public records (Judicial Watch v. United States Capitol Police (No. 1:21-cv-00401)).
  • X - Twitter - Tesla - Elon Musk
    McCormick also ruled against @elonmusk during his Twitter acquisition. Before becoming the head of the Delaware Chancery Court, McCormick worked at a Delaware law firm called Young Conaway. This firm and its employees have been major donors to President Joe Biden for decades. In 2016, Hunter Biden hosted a gubernatorial campaign event for Congressman John Carney, with then-Vice President Joe Biden as the guest speaker. This event took place at the Law Offices of Young Conaway in Wilmington, Delaware. Carney, a close friend of Joe Biden for the last four decades, later became governor and nominated Kathaleen McCormick, a partner at Young Conaway, to her position on the Delaware Chancery Court. In a March 2018 email, Hunter Biden claimed to personally know every judge on the Delaware Chancery Court while threatening legal action against his Chinese business partners. "I will bring the suit in the Chancery court in Delaware - which as you know is my home state and I am privileged to have worked with and know every judge on the chancery court." After Elon Musk purchased Twitter with the stated goal of restoring free-speech, President Biden called for a federal investigation into Musk on the podium at the White House. Following this, the Biden Department of Justice, Securities and Exchange Commission, and Federal Trade Commission initiated legal actions and investigations against Tesla, SpaceX, and X. This recent decision by Judge McCormick, who worked with Biden's top donors and was nominated by Biden's close friend, to override Tesla's board and the majority of its shareholders is another clear example of the Biden administration and its allies weaponizing the American legal system against their political opponents.
  • Gun sales, gun laws, shootings, stabbings, and mass murder...
    It is because the Sandy Hook Elementary was the school that The Joker targeted in The Dark Knight film 4 years before the school’s tragedy. This was 4 years before the Sandy Hook tragedy. This clip can be found at 1:58:458 in the movie. Another strange fact to finish it all is that the Aurora shooter had something to do with a batman movie, and both the Aurora shooter, and Adam Lanza's (the CT shooter) fathers were involved in the LIBOR scandal. I am by no means denying the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that happened at that school I am just posting the coincidental data that was gathered. VIDEO about supporting 2A... WOAH... 🔥🔥🔥Radical gun control narratives are completely obliterated by a random white dude in a flannel... We don't know who this guy is but he deserves all the retweets. Arm yourself to end any debate with a gun control whack job:
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